The Treasure

Author: Selma Lagerlöf
Published: 1925
Language: English
Wordcount: 25,018 / 73 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 85.8
LoC Category: PT
Downloads: 1,190 4195

The Treasure is an opposite fairy tale, presenting Prince Charming as he really is: an orphan girl is cleaning fish and foreseeing her life of poverty; a man well-dressed in seductive splendor woos her and offers her... forever after. There is only one catch: she must betray her sister.

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er to the feast that evening. Long after him a man and a woman entered the door. They were poorly clad and lingered bashfully in the corner between door and fireplace.

The host at once came forward to his two guests. He took the hand of each and led them up the room. Then he said to the others: "Is it not truly said that the shorter the way the more the delay? These are our nearest neighbors. Branehog had no other tenants besides them and me."

"Say rather there are none but you," said the man. "You cannot call me a tenant. I am only a poor charcoal-burner whom you have allowed to settle on your land."

The man seated himself beside Torarin and they began to converse. The newcomer told Torarin how it was he came so late to the feast. It was because their cabin had been visited by three strangers whom they durst not leave, three journeymen tanners who had been with them all day. When they came in the morning they were worn out and ailing; they said they had lost their way in the forest and h


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A dark and haunting story of an orphan who is left in poverty and grief after a terrible crime. She falls in love with a noble man who wishes to take her away to a better life. But she remains haunted by the terrible choice she must make. Chilling, but captures you and has you wondering just how it will end.

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