An Ethical Problem

Or, Sidelights upon Scientific Experimentation on Man and Animals

Published: 1916
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An ethical problem exists. It concerns not the prevention of all experimentation upon animals, but rather the abolition of its cruelty, its secrecy, its abuse.

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concerned, we should be able to make some approach to agreement, and especially as regards the ethical supremacy of certain ideals.

But first of all we need to define Vivisection. What is it?

Originally implying merely the cutting of a living animal in way of experiment, it has come by general consent to include all scientific investigations upon animals whatsoever, even when such researches or demonstrations involve no cutting operation of any kind. It has been authoritatively defined as "experiments upon animals calculated to cause pain." But this would seem to exclude all experimentation of a kind which is not calculated to cause pain; experiments regarding which all the "calculation" is to avoid pain; as, for example, an experiment made to determine the exact quantity of chloroform necessary to produce death without return of consciousness. The British Royal Commission of 1875 defined it as "the practice of subjecting live animals to experiments for scientific purposes," avoiding any referen


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Greg Homer

The ethical problem? Should we, humans, use our pets and young children as vessels for our own amusement.

No one can deny the fact that putting sun glasses on a labrador retriever is amusing..even hilarious. No one can deny that putting a fake moustache or a wig on a baby is the same. Making your cat do the Heil Hitler salute...a guaranteed big laugh.

The question is; when we do these hilarious things, is it proper and ethical.

Only you can decide. As for me...I shall continue putting fake antlers on my dog at Christmas.



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