Helps to Latin Translation at Sight

Author: Edmund Luce
Published: 1908
Language: English
Wordcount: 118,927 / 422 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 73.1
LoC Category: PA
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Genre: Language

Whatever controversies may be astir as to the precise objects of a classical training, it will hardly be disputed that if that teaching has been successful the pupils will sooner or later be able to make out an ordinary passage of ‘unseen’ Latin or Greek. It is a test to which the purely linguistic teacher must obviously defer: while the master, who aims at imparting knowledge of the subject-matter must acknowledge, if his boys flounder helplessly in unprepared extracts, that they could have learnt about ancient life better through translations.

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16 Fierce encounter with the Germans Caesar, B. G. i. 52 24 The Music of Arion Ovid, Fasti ii. 83 32 A rash promise rashly believed Livy xxv. 19 40 Rashness justly punished Livy xxv. 19 48 The Happy Life Vergil, Georg. ii. 490 54 The Tomb of Archimedes Cicero, Tusc. v. 23. 64

+Part I.--The Regal Period, 753-509 B.C.+

60 The Vision of Anchises Vergil, Aen. vi. 777 61 A. The Passing of Romulus Livy i. 16 B. The Mystery explained Ovid, Fasti ii. 379 62 A. The Gate of Janus Livy i. 19 B. " " Vergil, Aen. vii. 607 63 The Sibylline Books A. Gellius i. 19 64 A. Sextus Tarquinius at Gabii Livy i. 54 B. The Fall of Gabii Ovid, Fasti ii. 543 65 The Position of Rome Cicero, de Rep. ii. 3 66 The Praise of Italy Vergil, Georg. ii. 136

+Part II.--The Early Republic, 509-366 B.C.+

67 A. Horatius Vergil, Aen. viii. 646 B. " Livy ii. 10 68 Horatius Livy ii. 10 69 A. Mucius Scaevola

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