Machiavelli, Volume I

Published: 1560
Language: English
Wordcount: 131,873 / 375 pg
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The Art of War and The Prince. Translated by Edward Dacres.

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still sat upon the alabaster throne of Peter, and in the filthy straw of the meanest Calabrian confessional. And still deeper remained a blind devoted superstition. Vitellozzo Vitelli, as Machiavelli tells us, while being strangled by CŠesar Borgia's assassin, implored his murderer to procure for him the absolution of that murderer's father. Gianpaolo Baglioni, who reigned by parricide and lived in incest, was severely blamed by the Florentines for not killing Pope Julius II. when the latter was his guest at Perugia. And when Gabrino Fondato, the tyrant of Cremona, was on the scaffold, his only regret was that when he had taken his guests, the Pope and Emperor, to the top of the Cremona tower, four hundred feet high, his nerve failed him and he did not push them both over. Upon this anarchy of religion, morals, and conduct breathed suddenly the inspiring breath of Pagan antiquity which seemed to the Italian mind to find its finest climax in tyrannicide. There is no better instance than in the plot of the Paz


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The first book of modern political theory, Machiavelli's Prince, is a must read. He is the first philosopher to objectively look at the effectiveness of politicians rather than their justness. If you are a careful reader Machiavelli will also keep you well entertained as he relates anecdotes of princes of the past. The prince is also very relevant today for it explains so much of modern day politics.

Read it! You will not regret it!

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