The House of Fulfilment

Published: 1904
Language: English
Wordcount: 49,213 / 147 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 71.6
LoC Category: PS
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"To take a little child, to develop her character logically in accordance with her environment and a clashing inheritance of a father and mother as dissimilar as north and south, heat and cold, and lead her to a beautiful, true womanhood, without outraging the verisimilitudes, is a problem that only real genius can solve. Mrs Martin has successfully done this."-- Louisville Courier Journal

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ter, whose frown had not all cleared away.

Harriet was speaking. "What of Molly? Was there a scene at parting with her voluntarily given-up offspring? For her moods, like her tempers, used to delight in being somewhat inconsistent and mixed."

"She has in no way changed," replied Austen. Was it this flat conciseness in all he said that made levity irresistible to Harriet in turn? "My interview with her was confined to business. That ended, she told me, as an afterthought, apparently, that the coloured woman was going to remain with her, and she supposed Alexina could manage on the train. She also told me that her husband had severed connection with the legation and was going back to Paris. Alexina was not with them at the hotel, but with her uncle, Senator Randolph, from whose house Molly was married."

"And Molly's parting with the child--"

"Was a piece with it all, tears and relief, just as you would have expected."

"And the husband's, this Mr. Garnier's, attitude?"


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