Quill's Window

Published: 1921
Language: English
Wordcount: 93,311 / 262 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 86.2
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,044
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Quill's Window is a landmark--an abrupt hill in a flat part of Indiana. Round it is woven the romance of a girl who is lovely even for an Indiana heroine. Two men woo her and one, of course, wins her. The story is told with the ease and skill of a writer who has a score of best sellers to his credit. In short it is a first rate novel of American life today.

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called anything but Quill's Window."

"What happened to Quill?"

"Well, that's something nobody seems to be quite certain about. Whether he hung himself or somebody else done the job for him, nobody knows. According to the story that was told when I was a boy, it seems he killed somebody down the river and come up here to hide. The relations of the man he killed never stopped hunting for him. A good many people were of the opinion they finally tracked him to that cave. In any case, his body was found hanging by the neck up there one day, on a sort of ridge-pole he had put in. This was after people had missed seeing the light in Quill's Window for quite a spell. There are some people who still say the cave is ha'nted. When I was a young boy, shortly before the Civil War, a couple of horse thieves were chased up to that cave and--ahem!--I reckon your grandfather, if he was alive, could tell you all about what became of 'em and who was in the party that stood 'em up against the back wall of the cave


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The story starts out very boring with ongoing descriptions of the location, people, and WWI references, for about the first third of the book. It gets good once the love interest starts, there is a surprising twist in the story, and builds from there, but staying interested in the book till the action started was difficult. The only other McCutcheon book Iíve read so far was West Wind Drift, which was a much better story in my opinion.

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