The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone

Published: 1907
Language: English
Wordcount: 18,396 / 57 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 95.1
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 512
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ed a cave to bring her to. I came to look at this one. Bears were living here then. But one evening while they were all away, I came in and made a fire at the door."

Strongarm laughed long and loud, and the rest laughed to hear him.

"Since then the cave has been mine," he went on. "Well, you should have seen the floor! It was covered with old bones that the bears had brought in to gnaw. I threw them all out and broke off the rocks that stood up from the floor. That gave more room. Then I brought your mother here."

"It has made us a good safe home," said Burr, nodding her head.

After a while Thorn jumped up and said, "I want some honey."

He took a burning stick from the fire and ran out. He walked through the forest and looked and listened. At last he saw bees go into a hole in a hollow tree.

"Here is my bee tree!" he cried, waving his torch.

Bees were in a crowd about the hole, crawling over each other, and going in and coming out. Thorn could hear them humming

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