The House of Toys

Published: 1914
Language: English
Wordcount: 49,218 / 145 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 85
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 590
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David, the main character of this novel, is a young architect who marries the pretty girl without brains and wakes up to find that in adversity she is less than nothing to him. Of course, another woman with brains appears and for a time there is danger of shipwreck all around, the story ending without a solution of the puzzle. There is some excellent work descriptive of the gradual awakening of a man who lives in a fool's paradise until he finds himself in just the opposite place. The character of the girl wife who wants luxuries and pretty clothes more than all else simply because her horizon is limited to such things, is nicely done. So also is that of the man who helps David to his feet when he slips, the inventor with the ugly face but a heart of gold.

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How could she voice the question in her mind? It was, could she entrust David Quentin to Shirley?

Still later, "Jim," she said to her almost sleeping husband, "I'm worried. I'm afraid David and Shirley will get themselves engaged."

"Won't hurt 'em," grunted Jim.

"But they might get married."

"People do it sometimes. Be good for him. Life's been too easy for Davy."

"I feel responsible. Couldn't you speak to Davy and warn him to go slow?"

"I thought," mumbled Jim, "you were a wise woman," and dropped off to sleep.

At the same late hour David was sitting at the window of his darkened room, smoking pipe after pipe, gazing raptly up at the moon-lit sky. "By George!" he would breathe ecstatically, "By George!" as though he had been seeing something wonderful in ecclesiastical architecture. In fact he was planning that wondrous house of love, none the less entrancing for that many other young lovers had designed it before.

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