Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask

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Author: Jim Munroe
Published: 2002
Language: English
Wordcount: 91,740 / 255 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 90.2
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,982
Added to site: 2005.06.18 10622

Ryan, a shy, caffeine-addicted university student, can turn into a fly. Cassandra, a waitress at a greasy spoon, can make things disappear. They were made for each other... and to battle the forces of evil! Inspired by Sailor Moon, Flyboy and Ms. Place take on the villains who inhabit their world: cigarette barons, redneck tabloid newspapers, and the patriarchy. Originally published by HarperCollins in 1999, this e-book version came out in 2002. Free to distribute it as long as it's copied in its entirety.

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Phil got up from the bed and held the book like a weapon. I leaped up from the chair and opened the door.

"Flee, fly, flee! The evil Asian's going to crush you!"

The fly, beyond hearing, bounced against the wall three more times and then *whack!* The book permanently united it with my wall.

"Aw, look at all that blood, Phil!"

There was a splotch almost an inch round on my white, non-glossy-paint wall. Phil looked at his book with amazement. He flicked the fly into my little garbage can. "There's a tremendous amount of blood. How could a fly have that much blood?"

"My wall... a testament to your barbarism." I was vaguely annoyed, but not enough to pretend I wasn't, which is what I did when I was *really* mad...

"It must have been drinking blood. That's why it was crazy... a poster will cover that up, hey? I'm sorry."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you. Another cover-up. No, people will know about this, Phil Lee. People will know about you."

He slunk out of the room. "Sorry."


Average Rating of 3.6 from 7 reviews: ****
JoJo Biggins

Got bored quick. Quit after a few pages.


Loved the book. Witty, fun and well written. As for people that didn't like the ending, imho it was the only way -to- end it... as light hearted as it began, even with the heaviness that was introduced midway through. Kudos to Munroe for making such a fantastical subject realistic, even for sci-fi.


Not bad. Started interesting (i guess being a student in toronto helped me visualize things a lot better). The ending was pretty lame. Seemed like the author ran out of steam , but definitely an enjoyable read.


This book seemed interesting at first, but then it just got weird, and I stopped reading....which says alot because I'll read just about anything.

Shelby Davis

Very, very clever--Munroe's style, if not particularly profound, at the very least scintillates. I've just emerged from an immersion in the s.f. of forty to seventy years ago and find that

A. Every speculative fiction novel is now an excuse for weird sex scenes


B. The average writer's ability to form an imaginative sentence has improved vastly from the days of Clark and Sturgeon.

This novel is a good example of both.

Zoran Rilak

A wonderful, thoughtful yet non-pretentious tale of a guy who has superpowers he is ashamed of, and a girl who suppresses them -- because they don't fit into the Real World(tm) where both try to live in.

They form a superhero-tandem and make it their mission to fight the evils of the modern age, not because that is the "right thing to do" but because both have been hurt deeply by the injustice and hypocrisy of others.

They both come to face their "abnormality" as something that can finally be accepted and lived with, and Munroe succeeds exceedingly well in relating their story with our own "big secrets we haven't told anyone" - being a lesbian can, if properly applied, prove to have more distinct superhero-effect in our society than any other imagined superpower.


Absolutely great. Downloaded it, really liked it, and will probably buy it to give to someone. Much more than I had expected.

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