The Story of Crisco

250 Tested Recipes

Published: 1916
Language: English
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Apple Fritters 78 Apricot Fritters 172 Anchovy Fritters 157 Carrot Fritters 175 Corn Fritters 68 Crisco Battercakes 101 French Pancake 199 Fried Cornmeal Nut Cakes 102 Fried Cakes with Apple Sauce 103 Fruit Pancake 195 Italian Fritters 222 Salsify Fritters 160 Sour Milk Griddle Cakes


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Greg Homer

Who knew that a book chronicling the history of Crisco would be so very fascinating. From Crisco's humble beginnings in the stockyards of Paris where it was used as mortar for bricks in the famous Parisian sewer system; to Loretta Lynn's favorite 'Butter-flavored Crisco' we all love on our morning toast...Crisco has serrved as a greasy looking-glass on western culture.

Some Crisco Fun Facts!

*If all the Crisco ever produced were put into the Grand Canyon, the views would be seriously compromised.
*President Ronald Reagan never left the house without a thin coating of Crisco on his inner thighs.
*Renowned French Chef Jean Philipe DelaCroix ate Crisco by the spoonful but used it only sparingly in his dishes.
*The original name of Crisco was 'Render Residue'.
*Our original Apollo astronauts took a powdered form of Crisco with them into space. No one knows why.

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