The Story of the Treasure Seekers

Being the adventures of the Bastable children in search of a fortune

Author: E. Nesbit
Published: 1899
Language: English
Wordcount: 53,237 / 144 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 91.1
LoC Category: PZ
Series: Oswald Bastable
Downloads: 2,717 5280
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When their mother dies and their father's business partner runs off with most of their money, the six intrepid Bastable children are determined to restore their family's fallen fortunes.

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p we boys got when the hole was burnt.

'We must do something,' said Alice, 'because the exchequer is empty.' She rattled the money-box as she spoke, and it really did rattle because we always keep the bad sixpence in it for luck.

'Yes--but what shall we do?' said Dicky. 'It's so jolly easy to say let's do SOMETHING.' Dicky always wants everything settled exactly. Father calls him the Definite Article.

'Let's read all the books again. We shall get lots of ideas out of them.' It was Noel who suggested this, but we made him shut up, because we knew well enough he only wanted to get back to his old books. Noel is a poet. He sold some of his poetry once--and it was printed, but that does not come in this part of the story.

Then Dicky said, 'Look here. We'll be quite quiet for ten minutes by the clock--and each think of some way to find treasure. And when we've thought we'll try all the ways one after the other, beginning with the eldest.'

'I shan't be able to think in ten minutes


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Legend, a childhood classic, hillarious, best character ever

A very entertaining tale, told by children… good children

This is the story of the Bastable children and their efforts to restore their family fortune as narrated by a very boastful young man, who has requested he be kept nameless, so as to not spoil the story.

The Bastables have fallen upon hard times. Their mother has died and their father, though loving, struggles at his business and as a consequence they are frequently left on their own.

But the Bastable children do not suffer; they love and look out for each other. And, every worn out, humble or useless object in their world is renewed through the magic of their fertile imaginations.

Every day becomes an adventure, every adventure becomes a lesson and every lesson becomes a step on a journey. Or… maybe not, but I do think it is a very nice sentence never the less, don’t you?

This is life as a grand adventure as seen through the eyes of a child. However, it can be enjoyed by anyone seeking to view the world once more with an uncluttered heart.

Four stars, because it’s a children’s story and I’m an adult… but, if nobody were around.. I would give it five.

Runny Babbit

This is a marvelous read, even for grown-ups.

Also, check out the link to the free audio book from Librivox, read by Karen Savage. She tells the story at a a cracking pace.

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