Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa

Author: George W. Peck
Published: 1883
Language: English
Wordcount: 52,226 / 138 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 82.5
LoC Categories: PS, PZ
Downloads: 516
Added to site: 2008.05.17 20925
Genres: Young Readers, Humor

s waiting for a man. I went down street and pretty soon I went up on the other corner by Chapman's and he was standing there. You see, he didn't know what corner "Daisy" was going to be on, and had to cover all four corners. I saluted him and asked him if he hadn't found his man yet, and he said no, the man was a little late. It is a mean boy that won't speak to his Pa when he sees him standing on a corner, I went up street and I saw Pa cross over by the drug store in a sort of a hurry, and I could see a girl going by with a water-proof on, but she skited right along and Pa looked kind of solemn, the way he does when I ask him for new clothes. I turned and came back and he was standing there in the doorway, and I said, "Pa you will catch cold if you stand around waiting for a man. You go down to the Consistory and let me lay for the man." Pa said, "never you mind, you go about your business and I will attend to the man."

"Well, when a boy's Pa tells him to never you mind, and looks spunky, my experienc

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