Beatrice Boville and Other Stories

Author: Louise de la Ramée (Ouida)
Published: 1881
Language: English
Wordcount: 120,834 / 347 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 74
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 678
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The many works already in print by this versatile authoress have established her reputation as a novelist, and these short stories contribute largely to the stock of pleasing narratives and adventures alive to the memory of all who are given to romance and fiction." --New Haven Journal

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est of the family, to show Beatrice strict courtesy, disliked her, because she was not an advantageous match, was much too young in their opinion, and had no money--the gravest crimes a woman can have in the eyes of any man's relatives. "The 14th! Indeed! yours is a very short engagement!"

"Is there any reason why it should be longer?"

"O, dear, no! none that I am aware of. I wish, earnestly, my dear Earlscourt, I could congratulate you more warmly; but I can never say what I do not feel, and I had so much hoped--"

"My dear Helena, as long as I have so much reason to congratulate myself, it matters very little whether you do or do not," smiled Earlscourt. He was too much of a lion to be stung by gnats.

"I dare say. I sincerely trust you may ever have reason. But I heard some very disagreeable things about that Mr. Boville, Beatrice's father. Do you know that he was in a West India regiment, but was deprived of his commission even there?--a perfect blackleg and sharper, I understand


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Did not like the book much although it was quite well written. There are so many French words and phrases that it almost qualifies to be a bilingual novel. There are definite traces of Balzac in the story; Ouida was quite ambitious and reading her Wikipedia entry makes one think that she actually mirrored her own life on the "puissant" great ladies of Balzac's novels.

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