An Address, Delivered Before the Was-ah Ho-de-no-son-ne or New Confederacy of the Iroquois

Also, Genundewah, a Poem

Published: 1846
Language: English
Wordcount: 15,540 / 53 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 56.6
LoC Category: D
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Genre: Politics

nent, as well as to themselves. By the admission of the Tuscaroras into the confederacy, they became known as the Six Nations. The principles of their compact, were such as to admit of any extension. They might as well, for aught that is known, have consisted of Sixteen as Six Tribes, and like our own Union, they would have been stronger and firmer in their power, with each admission.

[B] Or Ho-de-no-son-ne.

I have directed some few inquiries to their plan of union. It appears to have originated in a proposal to act in concert, by means of a central council, in questions of peace and war. In other respects, each tribe was an independency. It had no right to receive ambassadors from other tribes.--Messages delivered to a frontier tribe, were immediately transmitted to the next tribe in position, and by them passed on, to the central councils. They affirm that these messages were forwarded, with extraordinary celerity, by runners who rested not, night or day. The power to convene the general counc

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