Mr Hogarth's Will

Published: 1865
Language: English
Wordcount: 156,420 / 431 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 67
LoC Category: PR
Downloads: 400 6548

A novel so forcibly illustrating the difficulties which have to be surmounted by educated women, who are suddenly forced to seek remunerative employment, will be received with great interest by a class which is increasing every day. In "Mr. Hogarth's Will," the trials encountered by the heroine are ably depicted; her vain applications to be received as a clerk in the bank, as reader for the press, or as a cashier in a dressmaker's establishment, after having proved her capacity for these posts; the miserable pittance offered for situations which could be procured are not drawn from the imagination, but too faithfully from the life. There is no one engaged in the work of finding employment for women in these necessitous days who could not fully corroborate this experience, by not one or two, but by hundreds of examples. The arguments used in answer to her assertion that women are supposed to be unworthy of trust because they have never had any responsibilities, arebut too familiar to those who are urging the claims of women to be received into departments of work for which they are adapted.

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name="Chapter IX.">

Chapter IX.

A Bonnet Gained And A Lover Lost

Chapter X.

A Seance

Chapter XI.

Spiritualism, Love, And Politics

Chapter XII.

Chiefly Political

Chapter XIII.


Chapter XIV.

Francis Hogarth's Canvass And Election

Chapter XV.

Mrs. Phillips's First Grief

Chapter XVI.

Another Good-Bye

Volume III.

Chapter I.

Mr. Brandon's Second Proposal To Elsie, And Its Fate

Chapter II.

Mrs. Peck

Chapter III.

Raising The Wind

Chapter IV.

Miss Phillips Meets With A Congenial Spirit In Victoria

Chapter V.

Dr. Grant

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