High Dragon Bump

Author: Don Thompson
Published: 1958
Language: English
Wordcount: 5,293 / 23 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 82
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 978
Added to site: 2009.10.25
mnybks.net#: 25638
Origin: gutenberg.org

If it took reduction or torch hair, the Cirissins wanted a bump. Hokum, thistle, gluck.

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a gun? Looks more like a fire extinguisher to me. Aw, you poor little imbecile, I haven't had a chance to explain yet, but--"

Sheilah said, "You make me sick." She pulled the trigger.

The object was not a fire extinguisher, after all. It was quite obviously a weapon of some kind.

Also it seemed obvious that Sheilah had been pointing the wrong end of the weapon toward Wayne.

One more obvious fact that Wayne had time to comprehend was that the weapon was not a recoilless type.

But by then Sheilah had gone limp and the gun had rebounded from her grasp and was sailing at Wayne's head.

He ducked but not fast enough. The object whacked him solidly on top of his head.

His brain exploded into a display of dazzling lights, excruciating pain and deafening noise.

Then the lights went out and a long, dense silence set in.

When Wayne fought through the layers of renewed pain and opened his eyes, he was still floating near his makeshift radio equipment in the


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JoJo Biggins

What a dumb story. You can guess the ending way early on.

Paulo Respighi

A slapstick short story of a kidnapped physicist and the woman kidnapped to seduce him. They were snatched by aliens with a speech impediment who need a high dragon bump, presumably to destroy the Earth.

Just a lighthearted yarn, don't expect striking writing, tight plotting, or brooding character development and you should enjoy it.

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