When It Was Dark

Author: Guy Thorne
Published: 1906
Language: English
Wordcount: 111,016 / 326 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 73.9
Downloads: 16,880
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s allegories," he had answered. "The untutored brain must be taught the truth in such a way as it can receive it."

The vicar lit his pipe and began to open his letters with a slight sigh. Of all men, he sometimes felt, he was the least possible one for Walktown. For twelve years he had worked there, and he seemed to make little headway. He longed for an educated congregation. Here methods too vulgar for his temperament seemed to be the only ones.

The letters were all from applicants for the curacy which Gortre's impending departure would shortly leave vacant.

"It will be a terrible wrench to lose Basil," he said to himself; "but it must be. He will have his chance and be far happier in London, in more congenial environment. He would never be a great success in Walktown. He has tried nobly, but the people won't understand him. They would never like him; he's too much of a gentleman. How they all hate breeding in Walktown! There is nothing for it, I can see. I must get an inferior man this


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Wikipedia describes this novel: a plot to destroy Christianity by falsely disproving the Resurrection of Christ leads to moral disorder and chaos in the world until it is exposed. Although commercially successful, it has been criticized as being anti-Semitic.

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