The Bishop's Shadow

Author: Ida Treadwell Thurston (Marion Thorne)
Language: English
Wordcount: 68,402 / 192 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 85
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 351 6915

An interesting study of Boston slum life, fine and good in tone. The book gives realistic descriptions of the struggles the street boys have to make a living, how they rough it when without a home, how they form friendships and political combinations, and generously share their joys and sorrows... One reads on, conscious at the time only of the story; but meanwhile one is getting many valuable suggestions on practical methods for reaching the poor and neglected classes of people. The delightful character of 'The Bishop' is none other than Bishop Brooks.

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mother got sicker and at last she told me she was going to die." The girl's voice trembled and she was silent for a moment; then she went on, "She made me kneel down by the bed and promise her that I would always take care of Little Brother and bring him up to be a good man as father was. I promised, and I am going to do it."

The girl spoke earnestly with the light of a solemn purpose in her dark eyes.

Tode began to be interested. "And she died?" he prompted.

"Yes, she died. She wrote to some of her relatives before she died asking them to help Little Brother and me, but there was no answer to the letter, and after she died all our furniture was sold to pay the doctor and the funeral bills. The doctor wanted to send us to an orphan asylum, but Mary Leary had worked for us, and she told me that if we went to an asylum they would take Little Brother away from me and I'd never see him any more, and she said if I'd go home with her she'd find me a place to work and I could keep the

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