The Haunted Room

A Tale

Author: Charlotte Maria Tucker (A.L.O.E.)
Published: 1900
Language: English
Wordcount: 71,384 / 207 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 76.6
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 1,083
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ed by the captain, when, a few minutes afterwards, the family were gathered together in the drawing-room. "The tutor, Mr. Blair, appears to be in every way qualified to do full justice to his pupils; I had a very satisfactory interview with him at S----."

"But Myst Court itself, what do you think of the place?" inquired Vibert.

"The house was originally handsome, but it is now utterly out of repair," replied Mr. Trevor.

"I don't suppose that painter or glazier has entered the door for these last fifty years," observed Bruce.

"The grounds are extensive," continued Mr. Trevor; "but the trees are choking each other for lack of thinning; and the brushwood, through neglect, has thickened into a jungle."

"A good cover for rabbits and hares," observed Vibert, who had an eye to sport.

"I never before saw such wretched cottages," said Bruce; "and there are sixty-one of them on the estate, besides two farms. The hovels are dotted in groups of threes and fours in every corner wh


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Henry L. Ragliff

Plot bullets

  • A man and his family move to an inherited house.

  • A house with a rumored, haunted room, bricked up for years.

  • A departing uncle tells the three family children of their faults: one is selfish, one is prideful and the other too timid/cowardly.

  • The children\\\'s personal faults become foremost as the story unveils.

  • There are no ghosts or spooks, but the haunted room does have its evil.

  • Not only houses, but hearts also, can have haunted rooms.

The plot is good, but not unique.
Contains a high degree of religious philosophy. The author was a missionary
in her later years.

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