Published: 1911
Language: English
Wordcount: 51,004 / 154 pg
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ittle while since we were at home--and then it seems a long, long, long time."

"You've been living with your uncle since?" asked Miss Drayton, gently.

"Yes. Uncle Carey. Where is he? I do want Uncle Carey so bad." The child's voice trembled.

"Don't worry, dear. We'll find him," said Miss Drayton, as they left the dining-room.

The captain, who had kept his eyes on the little party, anticipated Miss Drayton's questioning. Drawing her aside, he explained the situation. "The scoundrel is probably safe in Canada by this time," he ended. "He'll take good care to lay low. This child's other relatives will have to be hunted up and informed. I'll send a wireless to New York. The stewardess will take care of the little girl."

"Oh, as to that," Miss Drayton answered, "it will be only a pleasure to me. She's a dear, quaint little thing."

"That's good of you," said Captain Wards, heartily. "I was about to ask you--you're so kind and have made friends with her, you see--to tell her


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Good, not overly- sentimental story of a young orphan girl and her doll Honey-Sweet. We first meet her as she's abandoned on a ship bound for Europe by her uncle, who's hiding from the police. From there, she's "adopted" by a kind woman and has a nice life for awhile, but it's not meant to last.

Not too tragic, but not too unrealistically sunny. This orphan girl is someone you can care about. I think that both children and adults will enjoy this book.

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