Lectures on Horsemanship

Wherein Is Explained Every Necessary Instruction for Both Ladies and Gentlemen, in the Useful and Polite Art of Riding, with Ease, Elegance, and Safety

Author: Unknown
Published: 1793
Language: English
Wordcount: 12,070 / 40 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 28.4
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bows, and the elbows should rest equally upon the hips; if the arms were strait, the consequence would be, that the hands would be too low, or at too great a distance from the body; and if the elbows were not kept steady, they would of consequence, give an uncertainty and fickleness to the hand, sufficient to ruin it for ever.

It is true that the Bridle-hand is that which absolutely ought to be steady and immoveable; and we might conclude from hence, that the left elbow only ought to rest upon the hip; but grace consists in the exact proportion and symmetry of all the parts of the body, and to have the arm on one side raised and advanced, and that of the other kept down and close to the body would present but an aukward and disagreeable appearance.

It is this which determines the situation of the hand which holds the whip; the left hand being of an equal heighth with the elbow; so that the knuckle of the little finger, and the tip of the elbow be both in a line, this hand then being rou

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