Creatures of Vibration

Author: Harl Vincent
Published: 1932
Language: English
Wordcount: 10,508 / 38 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 80.3
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,467
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The Vagabonds of Space are cast intothe hands of the vibration-maddenednatives of Titan, satellite of Saturn. (Originally published in Astounding Stories.)

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ief. They were safe, all of them, and no one much hurt. And the generator coils could be rewound. But he sobered instantly at Mado's words; they'd have to produce copper and insulating materials for the job.

"Right," he agreed. "And that's not so good."

"What's so terrible about landing here?" Ora inquired. "I thought we were expecting to explore this satellite." She looked up from her ministrations to Detis, who had a nasty scalp wound.

"The people here are dangerous savages," Carr answered gravely. "At least some of them are; we saw them in the rulden. You'll have to remain aboard while we look up the ones who projected those rays and do some bargaining with them."

"What! You expect me to hide in the vessel while you're at work outside? Not much! I want to see something of Titan while we are here." Her pretty chin was set in that determined manner she had.

"I tell you it's too risky!" Carr was firm, but he looked at Mado beseechingly, signaling for his support.



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Paulo Respighi

Cartoon science fiction, rather than a serious story. They have a magic space ship that can fly anywhere without bothering about fuel, they are an Earthman, a Martian, and a Europan and his daughter, whom the Earthman married. They're off to Titan to look for more sentient hominids, since every planet and moon in the solar system has intelligent life.

But the vibrations from Saturn's rings has bad effects on humans . . . .
Bad science and lazy writing.

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