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Status Quo

A novella based on the space trading game Oolite

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Author: Drew Wagar
Published: 2006
Language: English
Wordcount: 51,491 / 153 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 70.8
LoC Category: PR
Downloads: 6,570
Added to site: 2010.09.08 28933
License: by-nc-sa

A brilliant scientist uncovers a terrifying plot to begin a galactic war. Aided by a talented, but reluctant and embittered combateer, he must stop the deployment of a super weapon he invented. A weapon so powerful it threatens to destroy entire worlds.

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ip, usually used as a cheap and cheerful escort. The signature of the hits on his shields indicated it was armed with the basic pulse laser common to such a simple ship. It was unusual for a Sidewinder to be journeying alone, even in a safe system like Tianve.

Sidewinder. Mass 52 Metric. Speed .375 LM. Legal Status Clean, Bounty 0 Cr.

He flicked on the narrowband comms and sent out a hail to the new ship.

'Stand down. This is a legitimate kill. If you don't want to join him, I suggest you reverse course now. You're outgunned. Leave while you still can.'

The answer was another double hit on his rear shield.

'You have been warned!' he growled.

Another blast.

Can't really be bothered with this, your funeral fool.

He locked a missile on target, choosing one of the the ECM proof 'hard heads' -- expensive, but effective. He'd make an embarrassing amount of profit on this trip, he had money to burn. He thumbed the coder release.

The missile shot

Reader Reviews

Average Rating of 4.8 from 6 reviews: *****
Ryan Hoots

Status Quo is a good book, the characters are interesting and act like real people, and as a result aren't perfect, which makes this story really good.
It is nice to know where the Q-bomb came from. This book is worth the read, and it has a good ending.

David Pratt

This was a short story that suffered from being a short story. Set in a world of the ground braking 80's computer game Elite (and all its later iterations including Oolite), the background, technology and other social structures are at least partly familiar to all who have played these games to any extent. This made the story more accessible as there was no need to start the sotry with page after page of background / set up / scene setting.

The story centres around two characters, one a scientist who makes an accidental discovery that could trigger the galactic equivalent of the cold war between US and USSR, and the other a young highly-skilled upstart pilot with an attitude problem.

I read this in less than a day because I simply couldnt put it down. I have Xbox, PS3, high end PC, and various other forms of entertainment, but i could not put this down. It has been a long time since I was last so captivated by an author and so well drawn into the story, caring about the characters, feeling their emotions and imagining their world in great detail in my mind. As soon as I had finished it, I couldnt wait to start the next installment in the trilogy Mutabilis.

This and the other stories by Drew are highly recommended to anyone who played Elite, likes space stories or just generally wants something a little different.


A great story! Set in the Elite universe;
first created in the early 1980's as the setting for the game 'Elite' beloved of many (but not me at the time sadly), and still alive and well with the modern game of 'oolite'.
Both this novel, and the game are- Brilliant!


A great story! Set in the Elite universe;
first created in the early 1980's as the setting for the game 'Elite' beloved of many (but not me at the time sadly), and still alive and well with the modern game of 'oolite'.
Both this novel, and the game are- Brilliant!

John E.Ballard

This is a fun way to introduce readers (and perhaps future players) to the game and some of the imaginings behind it. Take it for a read even if you don't play, or plan on playing, the game. At the end you will find yourself wondering about sequels and other stories...and there is more excellent fun from Drew!


This story (and its followup) are excellent examples of fanfiction. They are inspired by the excellent computer game Oolite, which in turn is inspired by the classic 1984 game Elite.

Oolite is a space trading game, set in the 32nd century, where mankind has colonised over 2500 star systems in the Galaxy.

The story is about the development of a super weapon and the race to control it. It echoes the nuclear weapons race of the 20th Century.

The writing quality is excellent, and even if you are unaware of the game, is still an excellent read. If you like sci-fi, then I recommend it thoroughly!



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