Textiles and Clothing

Published: 1906
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the electric dynamo and moves her fingers only to keep the threads in order. If she wishes to weave a pattern in the cloth, no longer does she pick up threads of warp now here, now there, according to the designs. It is all worked out for her on the loom. Each thread with almost human intelligence settles automatically into its appointed place, and the weaver is only a machine tender.


The Pulling of the Reed Automatically Throws the Shuttle Back and Forth and Works the Harness, Making a Shed at the Proper Time.]

[Sidenote: Primitive Fabrics]

No textiles of primitive people were ever woven in "pieces" or "bolts" of yards and yards in length to be cut into garments. The cloth was made of the size and shape to serve the particular purpose for which it was designed. The mat, robe, or blanket had tribal outlines and proportions and was made according to the materials and the use of common forms that prevailed among the tribes. The designs were alway


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This book was first published in 1906, the printed version has 138 pages and has pictures in it, the e-book versions have no pictures. The book is easy to read and tells you about the history of different kind of fabrics, it also has chapters on more practical isues, such as: what kind of clothes are suitable for kids and how to take care of textiles. This practical part is dated but parts of it are still useful today. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in (cultural) history, fashion design, sewing or textiles.





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