The Heads of Apex

Published: 1931
Language: English
Wordcount: 9,906 / 36 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 73.4
LoC Category: PS
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Far under the sea-floor Solino's submarine carries two American soldiers of fortune to startling adventure among the Vampire Heads of Apex.

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e that they were in a vast chamber, undoubtedly the work of human hands; a room awe-inspiring to behold, and even more than awe-inspiring in the reflections it forced upon their minds. Passages radiated on either hand to mysterious depths, and great bulks loomed in the spectral light. Justus Miles gave a low cry of amazement when a closer investigation revealed those bulks to be the wrecks of mighty and intricate machines, the use of which it was vain to conjecture. He looked at Ward.

"Solino spoke of a city down in the ocean. Can this be it?"

Ward shook his head. "Everything here is old, abandoned. Look--what is that?"

* * * * *

The figure of a giant creature, carved either from stone or marble and encrusted with phosphorous, stood lowering in their path. It was that of a winged beast with a human head. Its features were negroid in character; and so malignant was the expression of the staring face, so lifelike the execution of the whole statue, that a chill of fear ran through the


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Sardo Weems

See, these two mercenary friends are hired by a head in a wheelchair to do some fighting for his friends. So they all get into a submarine with their gas bombs and machine guns, but the submarine is more than a submarine. . . .

This is a science-fiction action story where the science doesn't much matter and the action is cartoonish.

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