All's Fair...

Author: Richard Wormser
Published: 1937
Language: English
Wordcount: 29,652 / 82 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 95.8
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,976
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"All's Fair..." is more than a stirring love story. Its setting is a turbulent mining county where money and corrupt politicians rule with guns. Into this mare's nest comes a young labor leader, grimly determined to solve the murder of a fellow organizer and to break the feudal reign of Ware County bosses. Disguised as a mine owner's son, young Mac is invited into the home of the Alastairs, Ware County's ruling family, and nearly forgets his mission when Sue Alastair's blue eyes speak in an age-old language. But the miners strike, Sue disappears, and Mac fights daringly. From the opening of the book to its surprising climax Richard Wormser carries his readers at a breathless pace. (Copyright unrenewed.)

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"Learn from the men who are doing it."

Alastair gave a snort that was evidently mirth. "You a college boy like my kid here?"

"Yes," Mac said. "I went to college." The palms of his hands were a little damp; there was no way of faking a college register if they wanted to look it up.

"Well, did they teach you there how to dig dirt?" Alastair asked.

"Lay off, Dad," Forrest said. "Father has to have his joke," he told Mac.

"Sure, my joke. Hell of a joke when old timers like me have to leave our mines to be run by a bunch of kids who learned their mining out of books. Your old man start at the bottom?"

"With a pick and shovel," Mac said.

"So did I," John Alastair snapped. "Started out in old Guthrie's mine, the Scotch hellion. Before I got through, I bought the mine from his receivers. I was tough," Alastair said. "But there were guys tougher than me around. I was smart, but there were smarter guys than me, too. But I was tougher than the smart ones, and smarter tha

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