Books Like Enter System

Books Like Enter System

Many role-playing video games have drawn inspiration from classic fantasy stories, particularly those by J.R.R. Tolkien. However, the LitRPG genre has reversed this trend by featuring fantasy or even science fiction stories with role-playing game elements. These are commonly things such as character classes, statistics, and level progression while performing quests or defeating monsters. For example, in Enter System by Tom Larcombe, a young man named Marc works with others to create a Safe Zone after their world is changed by a “System” that has access to everyone. Check out the following books like Enter System for more literary role-playing game fiction.

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

By Noret Flood

The Legend of Randidly Ghousthound by Noret Flood

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound is the first book in the series of the same name by Noret Flood. The story sees Earth getting transformed by something called the “System,” which causes the appearance of levels, skills, and monsters. The protagonist, Randidly, has a tougher time than most when he starts in an isolated Dungeon that is far beyond his level. Randidly manages to survive after several hellish months in the dungeon, only to find that for everyone else on Earth only half a day had passed. This enables him to use his new skills and abilities to help build a small enclave of survivors while preparing for the new challenges that the System has in store for him.


By M.H. Johnson

Battleforged by M. H. Johnson

Battleforged by M.H. Johnson offers an interesting take on the litRPG genre by setting it in a post-apocalyptic world where fragile humans are simply trying to survive the beast hordes overrunning the planet. The protagonist, Eric, is determined to beat the odds and make use of the alien vegetative pods that can give a chosen few the ability to level up, embrace magic, and adventure, and gain the potential for limitless power. However, these pods are more likely to turn people into topsoil than give them a shot at mastering a System designed for elite invaders. Nevertheless, Eric is undeterred, and while he isn’t capable of saving the world he does have a handful of new friends and a plan to steal a priceless fortune. 

System Change

By SunriseCV

System Change by SunriseCV

System Change is the first novel in the System Universe series by SunriseCV. Derek is a loner who lives in a cabin and keeps mostly to himself apart from occasional trips to town for a drink and light conversation. Things change when Earth is added to the “System” which turns harmless insects and animals into savage killing machines. The arrival of invaders intending on taking control of Earth also plunges the planet into war. None of this really affects Derek apart from him getting stronger from years of fighting monsters and Invaders on his own. Against his better judgment, Derek decides to help some people in need, but the consequences leave him having to deal with a new world and a new System.

The Rising

By DoomApricot 1402

The Rising by DoomApricot 1402

The Rising is the first novel in the System Dilemma series and stars Jason, an average person with no hope, no joy, and no purpose. When the System arrives on Earth it gives everyone a chance to become something more, but once again Jason is left with nothing. As the world is filled with monsters and dungeons, Jason becomes a dismantler, which involves scavenging corpses for cheap change. However, Jason finally has the chance to make something of his life when he receives the unexpected opportunity of starting from scratch. This gives him a massive advantage as he already has the knowledge and experience to succeed, but also makes him the target of scrutiny.

King Maker

By David J. VanBergen Jr. 

King Maker by David J. Vanbergen Jr.

King Maker is the first novel in the Integrated Systems series by David J. VanBergen Jr. It opens with Earth getting forcefully assimilated into the Integrated Universe, which cures all diseases, halts the aging process, and provides everyone access to near-unlimited power. Unfortunately, it also causes the planet to be filled with terrible monsters. After miraculously surviving an encounter with one of these monsters Jeremiah becomes the first person on Earth to earn Elite status. This sets him on the path to claiming the ultimate prize, becoming King of the World. All he has to do is survive the terrifying monsters and other ambitious humans with the same goal.

Dungeon Crawler Carl

By Matt Dinniman

Dungeon Crawler Carl by Matt Dinniman

Dungeon Crawler Car by Matt Dinniman sees every human-erected construction on Earth collapsing into a heap and sinking into the ground. In their place, an 18-level labyrinth appears that is so vast that it circles the entire globe. This dungeon is filled with traps, monsters, and loot, but those brave enough to venture inside can’t get out. To make matters worse, each level has a time limit, and those who find the staircase down to the next one before it is up lose the game. In addition, simply surviving is not enough, as those in the dungeon need to entertain those watching from across the galaxy. This is the only way to receive the loot boxes that are dropped by generous benefactors, which means building up a following is a must to stay alive.

The Primal Hunter

By Zogarth

The Primal Hunter by Zogarth

The Primal Hunter by Zogarth is the story of a seemingly average office worker named Jake Thayne who suddenly finds himself thrust into a new world. This happens when the universe suddenly reaches a threshold and is integrated into the vast multiverse. Here, some people, including Jak and his coworkers, are thrown into a “tutorial” that they have to survive. As Jake’s coworkers falter at every turn he finds himself thriving and slowly becomes his transformation from a bored office worker to a true apex predator.