In Chasing Time by Thomas Reilly, a loving couple faces the type of news that nobody wants to hear on the cusp of their golden years.
Most people imagine sun, sand, and smiling people at the mention of the Hawaiian Islands. While this is undoubtedly true, there is also a lot more to this tropical island chain.
Breathe Deep and Swim by Jenna Marcus is a beautifully crafted young adult novel by an author with a deep passion for her genre and the clear desire to inspire a love for reading in her audience.
Between the changing leaves and the excitement of Halloween, there's plenty of reasons to love October. But, of course, between all the hustle and bustle of the year drawing to a close, time must still be made to get some reading done.
Parodies have been around for as long as literature existed, and even early Greek philosophical texts were not above using parody to illustrate their points. Parodies typically exist to provide to comment on or criticize prevalent work.
Jennifer Monroe is totally average in every teenage girl way - in the dragon-slaying and energy-wielding warrior ways though - she is extraordinary. Even by the standards of a world where dragons and energy-wielding warriors are fairly normal. 
Records of prisons date back as far as the 1st millennia BC and incarceration as punishment for a crime has continued to this day. The harsh conditions inside prison have also inspired numerous movies, television shows, and novels.
In Around the Cul-de-sac by Christina De Paris readers get to ride along and experience slices of a young Florida girl’s life in the 1990s.
Whether it is material gain or social value, some people can never have enough. Greed has been the downfall of many, so it stands to reason that both art and literature are filled with examples of avarice.
The Bunny Trail, by DJ Tombe, is a warm and surprising story of found family and personal discovery, with an unusual friendship between Michael and Bunny at the center.