Bullying has always been a big problem, especially in schools. Getting hurt or frightened by others can leave not only physical but also emotional scars and a lifetime of self-esteem problems.
With earth destroyed and nothing like it was, humanity is floundering in their new reality, and Jamie has nothing but revenge on his mind.
The 18th and 19th century saw the release of numerous Gothic stories that would go on to become classics. Books such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and even A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens set the tone for this genre of fiction. However, these authors were by no means the only ones to write Gothic stories and many others also came up with some great stories. Thankfully, many of these books are now available for free online as eBooks, which means it is easier than ever before to discover the interesting blend of horror, fiction, death and romance that they offer.
The Bishop And The Rose is a family saga, following the Bishop family in Virginia and South Carolina.
From the entertaining to the bizarre, everyone experiences dreams at some point. Some people attempt to influence these dreams, while others are content to let the experience carry them along.
Death in the Cloud opens with a hijacked commercial airliner full of Russian passengers heading towards a collision course with the White House, and the pace doesn't let up until the end.
There can be no doubt that the internet has made it much easier and convenient to read books online, but for many readers there's still nothing that beats a real book.
If you were offered everything you could ever want - youth, beauty, money, health – what would you agree to? This is no longer an abstract ethical conundrum to Ashleigh Daniels, but a real choice as she becomes Alexa Dartmoor.
One Thousand and One Nights is one of the popular and endearing collections of Middle Eastern folk tales, but it also has a very complex history. Over the years it has been translated into numerous languages while new stories were added to the original tales.
Jek and his assigned wife Audrey spend their days trying to keep up with the ever-growing list of daily duties and expectations of running a lighthouse under a vicious dictatorship – until one day they’re hit over the head and kidnapped by an old man intent on saving the w