While some individuals grapple with an unhealthy fear of mirrors, a condition known as Eisotrophobia, even those without this phobia can occasionally experience a sense of unease around these reflective surfaces.
Sons of the Empire opens with a Master Assassin named Caltris completing an assassination, but in an uncharacteristic act, sparing the lives of a woman and her child.
Many role-playing video games have drawn inspiration from classic fantasy stories, particularly those by J.R.R. Tolkien. However, the LitRPG genre has reversed this trend by featuring fantasy or even science fiction stories with role-playing game elements.
Daia is a young woman on the cusp of becoming the Commander of the Forces, a coveted position that requires her to protect her fellow citizens and ensure justice for her people.
As 2023 enters its second half the number of quality books available to readers continues to grow. The seventh month of the year once again had a large assortment of great titles for readers to choose from.
Gavin Simms is the victim of a hit-and-run incident that lands him in the psych wing of a nearby hospital.
Thanks to advances in computer technology there have been new avenues for criminals and terrorist organizations to cause havoc around the world.
Rick’s life and all its possibilities may well stretch out before him at just fifteen years old, but in the moment it feels as though he’ll never escape his father and his fists, or his own awkward teenage-ness.
A young man on a quest to find his missing brother teams up with a mysterious girl as the two journey through a scorched world where the rays from the poisonous sun are lethal.
Being able to wield magic would be a dream come true for many readers, which is why books about attending schools for witchcraft and wizardry are so popular.