A nosy journalist type buys the rights to a military disaster in order to find out what actually happened up there, but in this reality - whistle-blowers aren’t too popular.
From Resident Evil, Silent Hill, World of Warcraft, and Tomb Raider to more recently Monster Hunter, Hollywood has never been shy about adapting video games to movies.
With distinct awe of adventure and a firm but cynical grasp on reality, A Sky Of Engines: Book One of the Space Hobo trilogy explores the mundane and everyday life of a normal person living in the high-tech sci-fi future.
It is no secret that power tends to corrupt and this is a theme that has been explored by many authors. Even those who start out with the best interests of others can find their moral sense diminish as they gain more and more power.
Life on the run doesn’t allow for being kind to the ocean. “I ran in there, I barked out orders for epinephrine, I commanded someone younger and more fit than myself to start CPR, but the reality is that Rick died and nothing we did changed that.”
The conclusion of Game of Thrones left a void in the television schedule of many viewers and proved just how successful adaptations of books can be when done correctly.
Although January didn't automatically end all the problems of the previous year as many had hoped, it did bring with it a lull following the busy holiday season. For many, it means a fresh start and an opportunity to try and do better.
Ousted whistle-blower Beau Walker is spinning his wheels as the resident eccentric academic at a small and unremarkable university, until one day he is marched back into this world where a project based in research he helped develop is out of control and killing people.
From fantasy to science fiction, the ocean has always held a fascination for authors and readers. The ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth's surface, so it is no surprise that mankind has always wondered about what lurks in its dark depths.
Wade Garrison’s Promise is an exceptional Western novel, so God’s Coffin had pretty big boots to fill, but thankfully Richard Greene does not disappoint.
Austen Rodgers - Ferocious Heroines, Ancient Mythologies, and High Magic
FEATURED AUTHOR - Austen Rodgers is a science fiction and fantasy author living his best (and only) life in Waterloo, Iowa. He spends his free time painting miniatures for D&D and dabbles with fantasy maps of his own creation. In 2015 he published his apocalyptic novel The Book of a Few, and earned his BFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University in 2016. In 2019 he launched the first two books in my fantasy series, The Flame Seer and The Fire’s Scar, and completed the Crystal Mythos trilogy with The… Read more