Editorial Review: The Emerald Warrior by Oren Shalita

Editorial Review: The Emerald Warrior by Oren Shalita

The realm is in more danger than ever before and Hailo has not finished his training – but destiny doesn’t care if he’s ready or not and the time for action is now.

Hailo and his Dronigan companion Gagu have a bond that the realm of Tarawin is relying on. His transformation from an unexperienced farm boy into the fated Paired Warrior may well be destiny but it is far from easy. The training alone is grueling and dangerous, and Hailo is struggling to keep up with the brutal pace. In the back of Hailo’s mind is Sasha, with whom much of the previous adventure took place and to whom he owes a life debt. The feelings developed over that time feel tenuous though, after all it’s been a while since they have seen each other. When Hailo receives information that Sasha’s life is in danger, he and Gagu set out to travel through hostile lands into the northern territories. In order to reach Sasha and deliver his warning, Hailo needs to separate from Gagu who cannot exist north of the modulation barrier that renders the Lands of the North a low-modulation area. When Hailo finally reaches Sasha – not a simple feat in itself - it seems that the feelings he had felt stirring are unrequited and his warning is quickly dismissed. By coming here Hailo has potentially triggered a political nightmare and through prodding at the prophecy that seems to concern him he finds out more about the current state of the world than he expected to.

When all chaos breaks loose, they need to run and so Hailo, Sasha, Yash, and Victor find themselves in an unexpected alliance and facing seemingly unbeatable odds.

The second installment in the World of Tarawin series is a continuation of adventure and self-discovery for Hailo. Uncovering ancient stories, prophecy, and political intrigue these characters need to grow and learn to work together if they want to save their realm. The Emerald Warrior by Oran Shalita is a great fit for fans of young adult fantastical worlds, adventure, and tales of resilience. The character relationships explored throughout the story are interesting, and their impact on the story meaningful.

The Emerald Warrior by Oren Shalita is a fast-paced adventure story with plenty of character, humor, and intrigue to keep fans of the genre hooked from cover to cover.