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ManyBooks launched in 2005 as a free online source of eBooks. In 2014 we started a daily eBook deals newsletter to help authors promote their work. Since then, we have had the privilege of featuring more than 15,000 authors with great success. We now offer a wide range of services for both traditionally and self-published authors.

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Promote your discounted or free book in our daily newsletter.


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Publish your book to the site, and watch the downloads roll in.


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Get a professional review published in our blog and monthly newsletter.

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Our team
  • Lisa
    Author Accounts

    If you’ve worked with us in the past chances are you already know Lisa. She is our main contact person for authors and generally keeps the lights on around here.

  • Naomi
    Website Editor

    From articles and author interviews to top books of the month, Naomi manages our publishing schedule and is the person to talk to for all things editorial.

  • Maria
    Newsletter Editor

    365 days a year, our newsletter goes out like clockwork every morning thanks to Maria. She’s also in charge of approvals, so it is best to keep on her good side.

  • Magdi
    Sales and Outreach

    The latest addition to the team, Magdi, manages our sales initiatives and makes sure we keep the ball rolling. She’s great at discovering new, talented authors to work with.