Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

ManyBooks now offers in-depth editorial reviews by one of our professional writers. Our editorial reviews can provide you with an honest, insightful assessment and those all important ‘money quotes’ you can use to market your book. Give readers an idea of what to expect from the book, while setting your novel apart from the rest.

The offer includes
In-Depth Feedback

Receive thoughtful, in-depth feedback on your novel before or after your book launch.


Get editorial quotes about your novel that you can use on your site, Amazon page, cover and more.

Extra Promotion

If your book scores 4-5 stars, it will be included in our "Books of the Month" list.

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How does it work?

You will send us a copy of your book, and we will choose a writer interested in your genre who will read it in full and write up a professional editorial review.

How many words will my review be?

The review will be a minimum of 500 words.

What happens if I get a low star rating?

Don’t worry, you will be able to read the review first before it is published and you can decide whether or not we post it to the website.

Will you still review my book if it isn’t published yet?


How long will it take for the review to be written?

Depending on how many books in the queue, you can expect the review to be written within 4 weeks.

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