February is the shortest month of the year, but that didn't stop our readers from working their way through many great books. Some read as many books as possible in their favorite genre, while others tried to broaden their horizons by exploring as many genres as possible.
In Your Destiny is Inside You, author Ana Pat shares his own spiritual journey and his views on the world and invites the reader to come along. His optimism carries readers through his explanations.
Children have a very unique perspective of the world, which is why reading books with young protagonists can be so compelling. Sometimes their observations can be a lot more innocent and humorous than an adult protagonist in the same situation.
Something Found is the teasing entrée to what promises to be a fast-paced supernatural thriller tying together two of the world’s intriguing mythologies of loss—the Bermuda Triangle and the city of Atlantis.
The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais is a 2008 novel about the rivalry between an Indian restaurant and a traditional French one as they compete across the street from each other.
Can you let your past guide your future - without losing yourself along the way?
In the first part of our Video Game Novelizations article we took a closer look at novels based on popular franchises, such as Mass Effect, Elite Dangerous, BioShock, Elder Scrolls and Assassin's Creed.
A nosy journalist type buys the rights to a military disaster in order to find out what actually happened up there, but in this reality - whistle-blowers aren’t too popular.
From Resident Evil, Silent Hill, World of Warcraft, and Tomb Raider to more recently Monster Hunter, Hollywood has never been shy about adapting video games to movies.
With distinct awe of adventure and a firm but cynical grasp on reality, A Sky Of Engines: Book One of the Space Hobo trilogy explores the mundane and everyday life of a normal person living in the high-tech sci-fi future.
Susan Cory - Mystery and Distinctive Characters Form a Remarkable Tale
FEATURED AUTHOR - Susan Cory is an award-winning residential architect in Cambridge, Ma. She has a brown belt in karate. Her mystery series, beginning with CONUNDRUM, features Iris Reid, also a Cambridge architect, as an amateur sleuth trying to uncover a murderer at her Harvard reunion. FACADE, finds Iris drawn into a kidnapping scheme while teaching at Harvard. DOPPELGANGER, the third book in the series, features an obsessed con artist who implicates Iris in a crime, then tries to take over her life. In… Read more