Nothing Forgotten, by Jessica Levine, is a complicated, emotional love story layered with a vivid travelogue. 
Long before Christopher Nolan directed the psychological thriller, The Prestige was a novel of the same name by Christopher Priest. The tale, which is set at the end of the 19th century, features two rival stage magicians who are obsessed with outdoing each other.
Space Police Files takes the concept of a police files special and makes it intergalactic with a wide cast of characters from different species, planetary plots, and g
It's no exaggeration to say that 2020 has been a very trying year and various forms of entertainment suffered because of the restrictions in many countries.
Sinner, Saint or Serpent by John Anthony Miller is a delightful mystery in which a journalist enjoys showing up the local cops using his reporter’s skills and friendly connections
Ancient Rome has always held a fascination for readers because of the amount of drama and intrigue that was rife during that period of history. Some readers are drawn to the epic battles of that era while others cannot get enough of the high stakes political games.
One night can change everything, and in just one night the meteors will fall from the sky. The life of the young farm boy James will change forever, as he discovers himself...and what lies beyond the wall to the west.
Over the years fantasy and science fiction authors have come up with a myriad of terrifying adversaries for their heroes to face. From aliens to zombies and other supernatural or paranormal threats there is no shortage of antagonists in these genres.
Two cousins, closer than sisters, plan to grow up and marry two brothers (or maybe two very close cousins) so they can keep sharing everything.
Turtledove is not the only author who has drawn on the well-known myths and legends of Atlantis for his book. The fictional island has inspired numerous films, comic books, and novels, all with their own interpretations of the legends. This means that there are plenty of other books like Opening Atlantis for fans of the "lost continent" to enjoy.