Books of the Month November 2023

Books of the Month November 2023

As another year draws to a close, our readers were reminded of reasons to be thankful this November. One of these reasons is the wide assortment of great books that are available to read. Below are the ones across all genres that entertained our readers enough to be crowned the books of the month for November 2023. 


Best Romance

Accidental Fiance with the Heartland Cowboy

By Jessie Gussman

Accidental Fiance with the Heartland Cowboy by Jessie Gussman

Accidental Fiance with the Heartland Cowboy is the first novel in the “A Heartland Cowboy Christmas” series by Jessie Gussman. The two love interests are Bridgett Rawlings, known in her small town of Prairie Rose, Iowa, as “The Bad Luck Widow,” and Shawn Barclay, the son of an old friend of Bridgett’s father. Bridgett got her morbid nickname due to the fact that every man she has ever loved has been killed on her family farm, including her father and first as well as second husband. When Shawn shows up on the farm to help, Bridgett tries to deter him, but he doesn’t believe in curses, and soon the two develop feelings for each other. 


Best Mystery & Thriller

An (un)Orthodox Christmas

By Ana T. Drew

An (un)Orthodox Christmas by Ana T. Drew

An (un)Orthodox Christmas by Ana T. Drew is a standalone title within the Julie Cavallo Provence Mystery series. It sees Julie heading to the charming Riviera village where she will be meeting the family of Gabriel, her gendarme boyfriend. However, Gabriel did not inform his family that Julie is an amateur sleuth. Neither did he warn Julie that she would have to face his odd and rowdy family alone while he was called out on a murder mystery. This results in Julie not just getting sucked into Gabrields family feud but also his case. 


Best Children’s Book

Ella Says: I’m Not Afraid of the Dark!

By Anu D. Misa

Ella Says: I'm Not Afraid of the Dark! by Anu D. Misa

I’m Not Afraid of the Dark! Is part of the Ella Says series of children’s books by Anu D. Misa. The story features Ella and her little dog, Ollie, playing in the woods on a bright and sunny day. However, when it suddenly turns dark, windy, and rainy, the two become disoriented and lost. Despite being afraid of the dark, Ella bravely searches for Ollie. In the process, she learns they can smile and not fear the dark. 


Best Young Adult

That Time I Died 

By Naomi Peled Schneider

That Time I Died by Naomi Peled Schneider

That Time I Died is an inspiring coming-of-age story by Naomi Peled Schneider. Yair is a healthy, athletic 18-year-old who suddenly finds himself paralyzed from the neck down and bedridden in a hospital room. Faced with the prospect that he may never walk again, Yair begins to have one-on-one conversations with God. However, when he fails to wake up from his last surgery, yair is left suspended between our world and the beyond. Yair realizes that his death is quickly approaching but knows that it is up to him to choose to embark on a race against time and death. 


Best Fantasy

Do You Believe in Magic?

By Jim Melvin

Do You Believe in Magic? By Jim Melvin

Do You Believe in Magic? is the first book in the Dark Circles Trilogy by Jim Melvin. It is the tale of Charlie, a 13-year-old nerd who is regularly picked on by bullies. However, when he discovers a magical waterfall deep in the forest, Charlie and his dog enter a fantastical world that is filled with monsters and magic. Unlike the real world, Charlie becomes a wizard wielding formidable powers in this fantasy world. However, the fantasy world is also home to an evil being bent on destruction, which Charlie must face to become a hero.


Best Historical Fiction

The Lives Left Behind

By Tova Aviram-Zylberg

The Lives Left Behind by Tova Aviram-Zylberg

The Lives Left Behind is a heartbreaking historical novel by Tova Aviram-Zylberg. The story opens in Lublin, 1941, where Yosseleh Karlinkski’s talent for chess becomes a lifeline for him in the cramped Lublin Ghetto. The only things that keep him going are the visits from his childhood friend, Christina, and the games against the chess-loving ghetto commander, Ludwig. The story continues years later with the lives of an Israeli native, Talya Karlinksi, an Australian, Edward Perkins, and a German, Sophie Schmidt, who all have ties to the past. The Lives Left Behind is about the convergence of the stories of these four people thanks to the invisible bonds of fate.


Best Horror


By Sean Deville

Hellgates by Sean Deville

Hellgates is the first book in The Hidden Hand Case Files series by Sean Deville. The titular hellgates are interdimensional portals that lead to a parallel world. Some call this world “The Pit,” while others refer to it as Hell because it is a place of brutality, torture, and unbelievable suffering. When Special Forces officer Craig Armstrong makes a mistake that results in the death of innocent people, his career is in ruins. Faced with disgrace and ten brutal years in military prison, he is surprised to be offered redemption by The Hidden Hand in the form of employment. This ruthless and secret organization has been guarding the world of humanity against invaders from The Pit for centuries. Unfortunately for Craig, the Hidden Hand is facing its greatest threat as Hellgates are waking up worldwide and threatening to unleash the apocalypse.


Best Literary Fiction

When the Storm Subsides

By Dahlia Moore

When the Storm Subsides by Dahlia Moore

When the Storm Subsides is a heart-wrenching love story full of buried secrets by Dahlia Moore. Eleanor Conolly is a psychology researcher who throws herself deep into her work after the unraveling of her marriage. Eleanor is determined never to go through something like her ex-husband’s betrayal of her trust. When Eleanor attends a professional seminar in England, she meets Michael Stern, and although there is an immediate connection between them, she knows that he is also holding something back. Mike reassures Ellie of his love as their relationship grows, but she can’t spend her life with someone she cannot entirely trust. This all builds up to a full-blown storm one fateful night when all secrets are finally revealed.


Best Science Fiction

A Priceless Gift She Brings

By James A Fisher

A Priceless Gift She Brings by James A. Fisher

A Priceless Gift She Brings is an alternative history novel by James A Fisher starring a heroine named Golden Feather. She is the first female aviator of another world where America never existed. A Priceless Gift She Brings explores how Golden Feathers became so rich and famous and what might go down if she were to visit America. 


Best Non-Fiction

Consider the Lillies

By Melanie J. Scott

Consider the Lillies by Melanie J. Scott

Consider the Lillies is a full-color Christian devotional and prayer journal by Melanie J Scott. The purpose of this book is to elevate your faith, be inspired, and start trusting more and worrying less. It is filled with short daily devotionals that you can fit into your routine, even amid your busy life. 


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