Books Like When It's Real

Books Like When It's Real

Finding true love is difficult enough, but things can be even more challenging when one person is a famous celebrity and the other an ordinary person. Because of the challenges and drama involved with such a pairing, it has become a favorite trope amongst many romance novel fans. For example, in When It's Real by Erin Watt, a bad boy pop star tries to show the world he's settling down by hiring a part-time waitress to pose as his girlfriend. For more novels featuring a love story between a famous celebrity and an ordinary person, check out the following books like When It's Real. 

Somewhere Only We Know

By Maurene Goo



Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo features the unlikely romance between a famous K-pop starlet and a tabloid reporter. The K-pop star Lucky is one of the biggest on the scene and is set to make her debut on The Tonight Show in America for a breakout performance. Jack is a reluctant tabloid reporter who keeps his job secret from his parents. When Lucky sneaks out of her hotel after a gig in Hong Kong to get a hamburger, she runs into Jack, who shows her around. However, when the sleeping pills she took before her excursion kicks in, Jack carries the sleeping Lucky to his home, where he realizes who she is. If he takes photos of her, it could be his big break, but as the two spend more time together the next day, an unlikely romance begins to blossom.

This Is What Happy Looks Like

By Jennifer E. Smith



This Is What Happy Looks Like is a heartwarming romance novel by Jennifer E. Smith. Graham Larkin is a seventeen-year-old movie star who accidentally sends an email about his pet pig to Ellie O'Neill, a small-town girl the same age as him. The two end up striking up a correspondence where they discuss everything under the sun but never reveal their names or backgrounds to each other. However, when Graham discovers that Ellie's small hometown would be the perfect location for his latest film, he decides it's time for them to meet in person. However, when Graham appears on Ellie's doorstep, she is shocked to discover who he really is and very reluctant to step into the media spotlight that follows him everywhere. 


By Madison Bailey



Hemiola by Madison Bailey features the newly famous movie star Micah Moore and the small-town girl Navy Monroe. Micah finds many doors opening to him after his lead role in a box office hit. However, after a drunken car crash that lands him in the hospital, he is sent to Kimball Junction, Utah, to live with his aunt. It is supposed to be the ultimate attitude adjustment, so Micah is determined to hate everyone and everything in the tiny town. That is until he meets his talented, shy, and intelligent chemistry lab partner, Navy Monroe, who doesn't seem to care about his celebrity status. Micah knows that falling for Navy is too risky and could jeopardize his film career, but he is willing to put everything on the line for the most beautiful, honest, and intriguing girl he's ever met. 

Silver Star

By Lisa Swinton



Silver Star by Lisa Swinton is the tale of country superstar Sara Silver. Millions adore Sara, but she is at risk of being dethroned by the next rising star because the music she is trying to sing for her next album lacks heart. Sara decides that the only solution is to return to her country roots, so disguised as "Sara Green," she heads to a cattle ranch in Wyoming. There, she meets a widowed cowboy named Cal, who isn't too keen to have her in his house or life. However, their barriers crumble over the summer, and Sara finds herself writing the best songs of her career. Unfortunately, as her departure begins to loom large, she is faced with telling Cal her true identity before he finds out from someone else. 

The Bodyguard

By Katherine Center


thebodyguard cover

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center sees Hannah Brooks, an Executive Protection Agent, hired to protect superstar actor Jack Stapleton from a stalker. Although very capable, Hannah doesn't look like the type of person who would be a bodyguard, making her perfect to protect Jack. He is a household name but dropped from the public eye in the wake of a family tragedy. Jack also doesn't want his family to know that he has a stalker, which means Hannah has to pretend to be his girlfriend as a cover when he returns to his family's ranch in Texas to help his sick mom. However, the more time Jack and Hannah spend together, the more real their fake romance begins to feel. 

The Seat Filler

By Sariah Wilson


the seat filler

The Seat Filler by Sariah Wilson features a romance between a dog groomer, Juliet Nolan, and a movie star, Noah Douglas. Juliet volunteers as a seat filler at one of Hollywood's biggest nights and ends up sitting next to Noah, one of the industry's biggest heartthrobs. To keep herself from swooning, Juliet pretends that she doesn't have a clue who Noah is. Noah finds the pretty and unpretentious Juliet charming, especially as she's not a worshipping fan. However, what he doesn't expect is that she has a pathological fear of kissing and the disappointment that follows.