Books Like The Frog Prince

Books Like The Frog Prince

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The concept of a person, usually someone with royal blood, cursed to become an animal is a popular trope in fairy tales. Typically, in these tales, the only way to break the curse is through finding love. Apart from Beauty and the Beast, one of the most popular fairy tales with this trope is The Frog Prince, first published in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm. The story is about a spoiled princess who ends up reluctantly befriending a frog after it retrieves the golden ball that she accidentally dropped into a pond. She then discovers that the frog is actually a handsome prince who is under the spell of a wicked fairy. Although the frog transformed into a prince after the princess threw it against a wall, modern versions of the fairy tale changed this to her kissing the frog instead. For more tales featuring retellings of this famous fairy tale check out the following books like The Frog Prince.


By Alethea Kontis

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

Enchanted is the first novel in The Woodcutter Sisters series by Alethea Kontis. Sunday and her six other sisters are named after the days of the week, but being the overlooked and youngest, she finds comfort in writing stories. Unfortunately, whatever she writes has a tendency to come true. After it asks about her stories, Sunday becomes friends with an enchanted frog, and the friendship quickly blossoms into something magical. However, after Sunday kisses the frog goodnight one day, it is transformed back into the crown prince Rumbold of Arilland by her love. Unfortunately, he is a man Sunday's family despises, and his attempts to make Sunday fall in love with him and not the frog he was will not be easy. 

Water Song

By Suzanne Weyn

Water Song by Suzanne Weyn

Water Song is part of the Once Upon A Time series by Suzanne Weyn and a retelling of The Frog Prince set in Belgium during World War I. Emma Pennington is young, beautiful, and wealthy enough to live a comfortable life in Britain, unaffected by the war that rages abroad. However, when she travels with her mother to the family estate in Belgium, the war catches up with them, and Emma finds herself stranded and utterly alone. While trying to recover her golden ball-shaped locket from a well, Emma discovers that a soldier named Jack is hiding in the well after escaping a gas attack by the Germans. Due to the gas, his skin is blistered, and his eyes bulge, which makes him look like a frog. Then, when the Germans take over Emma's estate to use as a base, she protects Jack by claiming that he is her husband.

Prince of Frogs

By Amberlyn Holland

Prince of Frogs by Amberlyn Holland

Prince of Frogs is part of the Curse of the Dark Kingdom series by Amberlyn Holland. The setting is a world where when the tyrannical King Aegron, the cruel, was assassinated, his children were each struck by a different dark curse. One of these children is Alaistar, known as the Dark Kingdom's cold-blooded and callous Frog Prince. Evonna is a young woman searching for her brother, who disappeared four years earlier while trying to sell some goods in Darkhar. In desperation, Evonna agrees to assassinate the Frog Prince in exchange for help finding her missing brother. However, as Evonna works her way closer to Alaistar, she realizes that instead of a monster, the cursed prince might actually be someone she would want to kiss rather than kill.

Princess of Secrets

By A. G. Marshall

Princess of Secrets by A. G. Marshall

Princess of Secrets is the second book in the Fairy Tale Adventures series by A. G. Marshall. The princess is Carina, and she's on a mission to find the thief who broke into her kingdom's most secure vault. There's a lot on the line for her because if she can't bring the thief to justice and prove her worth as a spy, her father will press her into a loveless marriage to a foreign king. Unfortunately, the trail has gone cold, and Carina knows she'll never see her beloved homeland again if she fails. Meanwhile, Prince Stefan finds himself transformed into a frog by a vengeful mermaid just days before his brother's wedding. Stefan knows that a kiss from Princess Carina could easily set things right, but she is not inclined to kiss anyone while focused on her mission. So, unless the two can learn to work together to solve the mystery, they might both run out of time. 

Just A Kiss

By Elizabeth Rose

Just A Kiss by Elizabeth Rose

Just A Kiss is part of the Tangled Tales series by Elizabeth Rose. It is the tale of a knight named Sir Arnon de Bar and a witch named Freya Fane. Sir Arnon still suffers side effects from a curse by the old witch Hecuba when he spots a beautiful but mysterious woman in the swamp one night. As he watches her, she kisses a frog and vanishes into thin air. Much to his surprise, he discovers that the woman is Freya Fane, whose father, the baron, is holding a competition for his daughter's hand in marriage. Freye, a witch with a pet frog as a familiar, is unhappy with this development. Especially as she is trying to make a potion to cure her ailing mother. However, she soon discovers that the knight trying to win her as his bride is cursed and will turn into a frog unless she helps him. 

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