Rylen is a young man who lives and works at his adoptive father's inn in the town of Edge. As an Eran, Rylen is used to being an outsider, but what he doesn't know is that the man who raised him, Hyrestl, is cursed and that fate has big plans for both of them. 
History is filled with stories of destructive or doomsday cults formed around charismatic leaders with sinister intentions. The secretive worlds of many of these cults have made them a source of fascination amongst both writers and readers.
Meeting our brave adventurers - Osho, Ailuros, Akke and Zom – in the middle of a guarding mission everything seems to be going just fine but when orcs attack and the leader doesn’t bleed, they know darker things are on the way...
Although it has been a challenging few years for the movie industry things, have started to pick up again.
Of Men and Dragons by Steve Hayden is an exuberant and easy-to-read tale of first contact, by a lone human explorer armed with the curiosity and fortitude of classic early sci-fi.
While the number of months left in 2022 begins to shrink, the same thankfully can't be said about the number of great books that are available. As a result, our readers were once again spoiled for choice when selecting their favorite books this July.
The Villains Who Snapped My Spine is a memoir that, while written in a hospital bed after major surgery, manages to be filled with hope, humor, and inspirational courage.
From comedy to tragedy, Greek mythology is filled with epic stories and plenty of heroes as well as villains. Greek mythology has also remained popular over the years and significantly influenced many facets of arts, culture, and literature.
Public Opinion by Nathan Pettijohn is a compelling read—with each chapter there’s another disturbingly dark and authentic mirror being raised to reflect slippery, immoral, and opportunistic human behavior.
Even with advances in modern forensics, there are still some cases that continue to baffle investigators. Some are murders that date back to historical times, while others are more recent.