For many, December means spending time with friends and family, but some also manage to sneak in some reading. Whether enjoying some light reading on the beach or a cozy novel while sipping eggnog, nothing can beat catching up on reading over the holidays.
Typically the science fiction and fantasy genres in literature couldn't be further removed from each other, but over time, authors began blurring the lines between the two.
Xlina Dar'Karrow's nightmare magic came in useful when she became an unwilling pawn in The Infernal Games, but it could not safeguard the life of her friend Amber.
Warm summer days of hiking or canoeing and evenings spent around a campfire are all part of what makes sleepaway camps so memorable to many.
Tales of a Mad Hatter by Jan Paez has all the raw authenticity that comes from the heartfelt experience of a troubled mind.
Humanity has always been fascinated with flying, but with the freedom of flight, there is always the risk of crashing.
A Thousand Valleys tells the story of a young boy growing up too soon and almost against his will, his mother’s health, and the societal deficiencies of the 1970’s.
Everyone has at some point wished that they could go back in time and do something differently, which is why time travel is such a popular plot device. The ability to alter history and the implications involved is a theme numerous authors have explored.
Alex Grass has created a dark, different and oddly endearing fantastical reality that’s driven by the stoic and sardonic protagonist, Frank.