Many science fiction novels deal with humanity fighting back against external threats such as aliens, zombies, or robots. However, a few authors have also imagined worlds in which nature itself turns against humans for the harm they are inflicting on the planet.
When a sexual assault comes to light, there’s always someone ready to insist that a woman’s account must not be true. Whether she’s too well-adjusted or too messed-up after an assault, there’s always something to “prove” she’s lying.
Tomás Chen-Diaz turns his back on the vast wealth at his disposal to instead focus on becoming a man of holiness and purpose.
As April ushered in the second quarter of the year it also provided our readers with plenty of great books to enjoy.
Detective novels tend to be hardboiled and gritty, but there is also a sub-genre featuring gumshoes who take things a little less seriously.
Gray Shadow, the first in the World of Tarawin series by Oren Shalita, is an exciting fantasy adventure with coming-of-age moments.
In the first part of this article, we took a closer look at some of the bestselling novels that are receiving television adaptations in 2022.
Recent years have seen viewers increasingly prefer watching media at home instead of venturing out to cinemas. This has resulted in more streaming services investing in their content.
When a workaholic lawyer hits rock bottom and a self-sacrificing pediatrician is forced to work together, they both find themselves changing in ways they never expected.
Reading is an escape from reality's troubles and turmoils, and March has had its fair share of both. Fortunately, there were plenty of great books available for our readers to take a break and relax.