Christopher Paolini began writing his epic Inheritance Cycle series, starting with Eragon, while he was still a teenager. It was self-published by his parents in 2001, before the release of a re-published version in 2003.
Ernest Cline wasn't the first author to explore the concept of virtual reality and what it would mean for society, but by incorporating 1980s pop culture elements in the story he really captured the attention of readers.
An unreliable narrator, psychological mystery, nail biting suspense and compelling characters are just some of the reasons why readers couldn't get enough of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.
There is just something about survival stories and persevering against all odds that resonates deeply with a lot of readers. This is one of the reasons why The Martian by Andy Weir is such a firm favorite for a lot of people.
Owning a dog is not just a lot of fun, but has actually been proven to provide plenty of health benefits as well.
MATTHEW ROZELL is an award-winning history teacher, author, blogger and speaker.
A lot of people consider graphic novels, also referred to by some people as visual novels, to be inferior to normal novels because of the inclusion of artwork.
There are numerous books aimed at younger readers today that features anthropomorphic animals, but this is not a new trend.
These days, fantasy novels tend to be sprawling multi-book affairs that take ages to complete. Even if you do have the time to delve into one of these series, it sometimes takes years for an author to get around to writing the next book that continues the story.
While most romance novels contain enough drama and intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat, many authors also blend in elements of the thriller genre to spice things up. These elements of suspense, surprise and anticipation add a whole dimension to romance novels. However, it is not just modern authors that have found a lot of success by combining the romance and thriller genres. These two genres have gone hand in hand for many  years already, which means there is a treasure trove of free ebooks to choose from. Here are just five examples of books that successfully blends romance and thrills to deliver enthralling tales.