Rumors of an ancient relic buried in the Mátra Mountains draw the attention of the Knights Templar, who are desperate to save their order which is on the brink of destruction.
From magical beings that can grant wishes to elusive sprites that love mischief, there is no shortage of fairies in literature. These legendary creatures have had their place in storytelling since the earliest days, and the folklore around them has continued to grow.
With a third of the year already in the rearview mirror, March has been a time for many to reflect on what they’ve accomplished so far in 2023 and what still lies ahead.
Novels are great for getting a unique perspective on life from the point of view of diverse and interesting characters. However, some authors take their stories a step further by using animal protagonists.
Morrow goes from working security for a mob boss to planning his first real “job” when presented with the opportunity to steal a priceless painting. However, when everything goes wrong, Morrow finds his odds of success dwindling by the day.
The concept of necromancers, people with magical powers who are able to communicate and even resurrect the dead, has been around since antiquity. It is a fearsome power that is typically in the domain of those who are up to no good.
The Ties That Bind by Susan L. Markloff is a new YA fantasy novel, the second installment in the Human-Born Era collection.
Owen MacDonald and his sister Erin end up on the adventure of a lifetime after getting swallowed by the Loch Ness Monster and transported to the magical land of Mythatania. 
Faces & Lies, by Margaret Podmore Emery, is a tense mystery with show horses at the center. At first, show rider Devin believes she’s on the receiving end of strange, twisted pranks. Someone seems to be following her.
Since it was first published in 1974 by TSR, the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy tabletop role-playing game has captured the imagination of fans from across the world. It is also one of the most enduring games of its kind, with regular updates and new editions being released.