Books Like The Hacker

Books Like The Hacker

Thanks to advances in computer technology there have been new avenues for criminals and terrorist organizations to cause havoc around the world. From common threats such as viruses, malware, or phishing to malicious attacks on governments or essential services, the actions of cybercriminals can cause widespread devastation. This is a topic that has been explored by numerous authors, such as The Hacker by Daniel Scanlan which sees a criminal mastermind using technology to direct the crimes of others. For more thrilling stories featuring cybercriminals, technology, and online threats that are impossible to combat through normal methods check out the following books like The Hacker.

Zero Day

by Mark Russinovich

Zero Day by Mark Russinovich

Zero Day is the first book in the Jeff Aiken series by Mark Russinovich. It stars a former government analyst named Jeff Aiken in a race against time to prevent an international catastrophe. Jeff worked as a government analyst but quit in disgust after witnessing the gross errors that led up to 9/11. When a series of seemingly random computer failures cause incidents around the world Jeff becomes suspicious. To everyone else, these failures seem like unrelated events, but Jeff fears that a serious attack targetting the United States computer infrastructure is being carried out. Zero Day is written by a global authority on cyber security, which makes for a chilling read.

Cyber Attack

by Tim Washburn

Cyber Attack Tim Washburn

Cyber Attack by Tim Washburn sees two specially trained FBI agents trying to take down a faceless enemy that is orchestrating cyber attacks of massive proportions. There is panic when chemical plants being exploding, power grids self-destructing, and water pumps failing at nuclear power plants. However, in the face of these cyber attacks missiles and guns are useless and generals and diplomats are powerless. It is up to agents Hank Goodnight and Paige Randall to penetrate the darkest recesses of the web and try and infiltrate the network of whoever is responsible before it is too late.

Trading Down

by Stephen Norman

Trading Down by Stephen Norman

Trading Down by Stephen Norman is the story of Chris Peters, who has a seemingly idyllic life. He loves the work that he does in a multi-national bank and the superfast computers under his care. Chris also loves his beautiful wife, Olivia, but then his luck changes for the worse. From his systems crashing to his traders turning on him and even Olivia becoming angry and disillusioned, nothing seems to be going right for Chris. However, when he digs deeper into what is happening he discovers that he is the victim of treachery and faced with an adversary who knows his every move. Even worse, his nemesis has the power to destroy the bank where Chris works and he has only two days to figure out how to prevent it from happening.

Cyber Seventy-Seven

by RL Blaisdell

Cyber Seventy-Seven by RL Blaisdell

Cyber Seventy-Seven is the first novel in the KindleKat series by RL Blaisdell. It features Blaze and Carla Heaton, a husband and wife team who are up against an insidious financial cabal. Blaze and Carla run a cyber-counter-terror business, but after an adventure that saw them destroying a Russian Mafia scheme and bringing down a corrupt administration, they decide that it is time to retire. Unfortunately, they are pulled back into the intrigue by the newly elected US President after someone begins stealing bitcoins from cabinet members. Blaze and Carla find themselves taking on a cabal of financiers who are exploiting the global cryptocurrency markets. The Heatons will have to defeat killers, hackers, and politicians, to stay alive, all while crisscrossing the oceans in their luxury Seventy-Seven foot Catamaran. 

Murder by Numbers

by R.S. Vaisbort

Murder by Numbers by R. S. Vaisbort

Murder By Numbers is a high-tech crime novel by R.S. Vaisbort set in Silicon Valley at the dawn of the 21st century. The protagonist is Kaitlin Hall, a brilliant rookie detective in the High Tech Crimes Detail of the San Jose Police Department. When a young systems administrator dies in a car crash Kaitlin performs an unauthorized investigation that quickly leads her into dangerous, uncharted territory. Kaitlin suspects foul play, especially after other tech people start meeting similar accidental fates, but her own life is endangered when powerful people begin taking notice of her snooping. Kaitlin is forced to enlist the help of a hacker friend to try and get to the bottom of what is going on.

White Hat Black Heart

by D. B. Goodin

White Hat Black Heart by D. B. Goodin

White Hat Black Heart is the first book in the Cyber Teen Project series by D.B. Goodin. It stars a teenage hacker named Nigel who uses his skills to make some extra spending money. However, his online expertise draws the attention of the billionaire founder of a virtual game played by millions of people. Nigel is given an opportunity to show his prowess, but it quickly becomes clear that his skills outshine those of the developers. Unfortunately, along with his sudden success, Nigel also gains new enemies who want him dead. Soon he finds himself thrust into the shadows of the Dark Web and as the object of the game becomes his own life. 

Bitcoin Hurricane

by Kate Baucherel

Bitcoin Hurricane by Kate Baucherel

Bitcoin Hurricane by Kate Baucherel is set in London of 2045 where financial systems have crashed and the world’s economies are on the brink of collapse. Cameron Silvery is a legendary hacker going by the moniker of SimCavalier and she is feared by black hat hackers across the world. She uses her skills to help corporations and governments to get their systems back online fast but has to keep her identity a closely guarded secret. Unfortunately, a tenacious journalist blows her cover and Cameron finds herself the target of the criminals that she’s been trying to stop. While having to deal with this Cameron and her team is also faced with a cybercrime syndicate planning on unleashing a global wave of cyberattacks that could unleash chaos and destruction on an unprecedented scale.