Books of the Month February 2024

Books of the Month February 2024

Since 2024 is a leap year, our readers had an additional day during the month of February. Of course, this extra day allowed for more time to spend with great books, such as the following Books of the Month for February 2024:


Best Romance

Rivers Between Us

By Greta Rose West

rivers between us book cover

Rivers Between Us is the first book in Greta Rose West's Wisper Dreams series of small-town western romances. This story follows Carey Michaels, Sheriff of Teton Country, and Francesca Morris, his ex-best friend, who shows up in his life again with her ten-year-old daughter. Francesca also has a mountain of problems, and although Carey wants to protect her, she can't stand to hurt him again. 


Best Mystery & Thriller

Lost Dreams

By J. T. Bishop


Lost Dreams is the second book in J. T. Bishop's Redstone Chronicles series of paranormal private investigator mystery thrillers. Trick Monroe is a former Texas Ranger working his first case at his partner, Mason Redstone's P.I. agency. It is supposed to be an easy case: Locating a wealthy woman's missing brother, but when malicious entities become involved, things become more complicated for Trick. 


Best Children's Book

Monkey-House Mouse and the Storytime Zoo

By Terri Tatchell


Monkey-House Mouse and the Storytime Zoo by Terri Tatchell is the captivating story of a sweet brown mouse living beneath the monkey house in the zoo. She is also the zoo's resident storyteller who captivates her animal friends with tales from the outside world, complete with pictures she draws for each tale. However, when Mouse's stories fall silent one day, the rest of the animals come together to help her find a way to fill her story drum. This heartwarming children's book also features beautiful illustrations by Tina Perko to keep young readers enthralled. 


Best Young Adult

The Cursed Odyssey

By Frederick Martinus

Cursed Odyssey Book Cover

The Cursed Odyssey by Frederick Martinus is set in 2045 when five families get the opportunity of a lifetime to visit the Emerald of the Equator. Unfortunately, things take a darker turn after they board the Pinisi Elang and journey to off-the-beaten-track locations. In each area, they are faced with certain challenges, and failure means death. Those who survive scramble to adapt and have to deal with having their morality and self-worth tested. 


Best Fantasy

Demon's Reign

By Ben Galley

demon's reign book cover

Demon's Reign is the first book in The Bloodwood Saga by David Estes and Ben Galley. The protagonist, Tarkosi, is the third-born of a shamed family whose fate is to spend his days as a worker under a harsh master. However, his days of drudgery, tedium, and pain come to an end when demons from a broken world invade. Thanks to an accident born of violence and dark magic, Tarkosi's fate is intertwined with a royal demon's. Its presence bestows Tarkosi with magical abilities, but he must tread a fine line between hero and heretic to keep his city from falling into ruin and chaos. 


Best Historical Fiction

The Healer from Qumran

By Adiya Shapira

Healer From Qumran book cover

The Healer from Qumran is a tale set during Biblical times by Adiya Shapira. It is a tale of two cousins, Asaf and Nimrod, who finds themselves joining a secretive sect in the Qumran caves after longing for a life of purpose. Asaf quickly assimilates into the sect, but Nimrod is more rebellious and independent, which causes friction with the conservative elders. Eventually, Nimrod begins to attract more followers of his own, leaving Asaf torn between his growing loyalty to the sect and his love for his cousin. 


Best Literary Fiction

Punks for the Opera

By Michael J. Vaughn


Punks for the Opera by Michael J. Vaughn follows Marina Quantril on her trip from Portland, Oregon, to San Francisco. Her drive down the coast in her janky station wagon is due to her striking rock bottom in Portland, but her luck seemingly changes for the better during the journey. With a streak that includes a winning lottery ticket, free muffins, and a possible job opening, Marina wonders if it's all just coincidence or if she perhaps has some guardian stalker.  


Best Science Fiction

Space Colony One

By J. J. Green

space colony book

Space Colony One by J. J. Green features the first three novels in the epic space colonization adventure series. The tale begins with humanity's first deep space colony expedition arriving at its new home after nearly two hundred years of space travel. For people like Ethan, the descendants of six generations who lived and died aboard the ship, it is the first time they tread on soil and feel things like wind and rain. Unfortunately, the planet is far from the paradise the scientists predicted, and Ethan will have to face everything from alien predators to stowaway saboteurs to help preserve humanity's last hope. 


Best Paranormal

Dream Walker

By Dima Zales

Dream Walker

Dream Walker is the first book in Dima Zales and Anna Zaires's Bailey Spade series. Bailey is a dreamwalker who can ease nightmares, inspire creations or steal memories for a price. The cash she makes goes towards saving her mom's life, but the clock is ticking, so she takes on a job with a significant paycheck. Unfortunately, vampires show up to ruin everything, and Bailey becomes embroiled in a murder case where the victims and the perps can kill her with a snap of their fingers. 


Best Non-Fiction

The Origin of Dreams

By Shlomo Yakobovits

The Origin Of Dreams cover

The Origins of Dreams by Shlomo Yakobovits provides readers with a scientific, philosophical, and psychological dive into why we dream. The book comprehensively examines this universal human experience that has fascinated cultures and peoples throughout history. It also explores how it is not just our dreams but dreaming that define us as individuals, social beings, and human beings.