Books Like Jurassic Tower

Books Like Jurassic Tower

Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay

Plenty of stories pit humans against all manner of monsters, but for many readers, the most thrilling ones feature dinosaurs. Most dinosaurs not only looked very intimidating but were also much larger and faster than the average human, which would make them terrifying foes to face. Even with modern weapons and technology, not many people would want to face a dinosaur, especially not in an environment where they have the advantage. For example, in Jurassic Tower by Jethro Wegener, an elite team is sent to a top-secret lab in the heart of Manhattan when an experiment goes horribly wrong. As the team enters the building, they discover that jungles have taken over entire floors, and dinosaurs roam the halls. For more novels exploring the premise of humans fighting for their lives against dinosaurs, check out the following books like Jurassic Tower.

Dinosaur Run

By Christopher Jaffrey

Dinosaur Run by Christopher Jaffrey

The title of Dinosaur Run by Christopher Jaffrey refers to the most vicious and twisted sport ever conceived. It is a sport that involves kidnapping attractive, wealthy teenagers off the streets and transporting them 150 million years back in time. Once deposited in the age of dinosaurs, the kids are left to fend for themselves as wealthy spectators place wagers on things like who will be the first to get killed and who will last the longest. Most teenagers don’t last very long, but when two of them continue to defy the odds, the people who run the game are not impressed. This results in the kids having to deal with the dinosaurs and the trained mercenaries sent in to end their lucky streak.

Hunting With Dinosaurs

By Doug Goodman

Hunting With Dinosaurs by Doug Goodman

Hunting With Dinosaurs by Dough Goodman features raptors genetically grown by a research lab. When they escape from the restricted research area and kill some hikers in a nearby state wilderness area, a hunting party is sent in to clean up the mess. The hunters are instructed to catch or kill the raptors but quickly find that the dinosaurs are unlike any predators they have ever faced. The hunters become the hunted, and one lone bowhunter finds himself running for his life. His only hope for salvation is a wolf that is also hellbent on destroying the raptors that have invaded its territory. 

Into The Mist

By Lee Murray

Into The Mist by Lee Murray

Into The Mist by Lee Murray is the story of New Zealand Defense Force Sergeant Taine McKenna and his squad. They receive instructions to escort civilian contractors into Te Urewere National Park. McKenna considers this babysitting job to be a strange one for the army but knows that they might have to deal with militant Tūhoe separatists active in the area. However, the team finds that there is something a lot more treacherous than cloying mist and steep ravines in the forest as they encounter a prehistoric creature intent on picking them off one by one. 

No Road Out

By M.J. Konkel

No Road Out by M. J. Konkel

No Road Out is the first book in The Displaced series by M.J. Konkel. The protagonist, Joe, is a high school teacher and basketball coach who unexpectedly finds himself having to protect his children from three dinosaurs in his backyard. These dinosaurs and many others show up in the community of Brown’s Station after a strange storm. To make matters worse, Joe’s wife has not returned from her late-night shift at work, and the community appears to be totally cut off from the outside world. As Joe sets off to find his wife, he has to fight off or escape from dinosaurs while also desperately searching for a road out to the world they knew.

Primal Terra

By Tim Meyer

Primal Terra by Tim Meyer

What starts as chasing a jewel thief turns into something a lot different in Primal Terra by Tim Meyer. After chasing the jewel thief in question into his New York City apartment, Carla Scarletta is surprised to find a portal into a lost world. Three days later, Phil Moody is visited by an old friend who claims that Phil’s ex-wife has gone missing sixty-five million years in the past. With time running out, Phil and a team of mercenaries, as well as a celebrity paleontologist, step into the portal that will take them to a dinosaur-infested world. Phil is determined to find the woman he may still love, but his mission also involves recovering something the jewel thief has stolen that could catastrophically damage the universe.

Primeval Valley

By Edward J. McFaden III

Primeval Valley by Edward J. McFaden III

Primeval Valley by Edward J. MacFaden III sees a dinosaur grabbing a boy from a secluded enclave high in the Rocky Mountains. The protagonist, Gill, is fishing down by the river with his son, Brian when they spot what appears to be a dinosaur. Gill does his best to protect his son, but although he wounds the beast, it manages to make off with Brian dangling from its mouth. Not everyone believes his story, but when Gill joins the local sheriff and a search party to try and find Brian, they discover a lost valley teeming with dinosaurs instead. 

Primordial Island

By Rick Poldark

Primordial Island by Rick Poldark

Primordial Islands is the first novel in the series of the same name by Rick Poldark. The setting is an uncharted island in the South China Sea, where a salvage team is dispatched following the crash landing of Flight 207. The plane went down during a violent storm, and the salvage team is tasked with recovering the flight recorder. However, when the group, which consists of two paleontologists, a biologist specializing in animal behavior, a botanist, a big game hunter, and a heavily armed security team, arrive in the jungle, they find it filled with prehistoric predators.