Books Like Mirror

Books Like Mirror

While some individuals grapple with an unhealthy fear of mirrors, a condition known as Eisotrophobia, even those without this phobia can occasionally experience a sense of unease around these reflective surfaces. Whether attributed to cultural beliefs or unsettling encounters, like mirror-based attractions at carnivals, there's something about mirrors that can evoke discomfort. Naturally, this phenomenon has provided ample inspiration for writers. From tales of fantastical realms lurking just beyond the mirror's surface to malevolent entities attempting to break free, mirrors have featured prominently in numerous stories. For instance, in Graham Masterton's "Mirror," a man acquires a sizable antique mirror once owned by his favorite movie star. Unfortunately, this seemingly innocuous mirror unfolds as a portal to a nightmarish parallel dimension. For further exploration of narratives where mirrors play a central role, consider delving into the following books akin to "Mirror."

House of Ash

by Hope Cook

House of Ash by Hope Cook

House of Ash by Hope Cook is a novel where a forgotten mirror in a labyrinth mansion serves as a link between the past and present. In the present, seventeen-year-old Curtis fears that he has inherited his father’s mental illness. In his desperate search for answers, he discovers the mansion of Gravenhearts, which burned down in 1894. Inside the mansion, he finds an old mirror where he sees a Victorian girl, who he believes is one of the fire’s victims. Curtis believes that if he can unravel the mystery of this girl he can save his sanity, but 100 years in the past the girl in the mirror has her own demons to battle.

Backward Glass

by David Lomax

Backward Glass by David Lomax

Backward Glass by David Lomax features a mirror that allows people to travel through time. Kenny Maxwell is a 15-year-old teen who is introduced to the backward glass by a beautiful girl named Luka after making a shocking discovery. Kenny finds the mummified body of a baby wrapped in newspaper along with a handwritten note addressed to him pleading for help. This gruesome discovery is hidden away inside the wall of the carriage house of the new yet falling apart Victorian home Kenny is helping his father renovate. Thanks to the antique mirror Kenny can go back and time, but doing so makes him the target of an urban legend named Prince Harming who kidnaps and kills children.


by Gretchen McNeil

3:59 by Gretchen McNeil

A mirror serves as a passage between worlds in 3:59 by Gretchen McNeil. Josie Byrne doesn’t think her life could get any worse until she wakes up to a reflection in her bedroom mirror that isn’t her. Instead, she sees a girl in the mirror named Jo who is blonder and prettier. Josie is fascinated by Jo’s perfect world after discovering that they are doppelgängers whose universes overlap at a certain time each day. With her own life spiraling out of control Josie is eager to pass through the mirror and switch places with Jo for a day. Unfortunately, once she does this she discovers that not only is Jo’s world far from perfect, but she’s also trapped there while the stuff of nightmares lurk around every corner. 

Mirror, Mirror

by Les Edgerton

Mirror, Mirror by Les Edgerton

A typical American teenager named Elizabeth Mary Downing discovers she has a mirror counterpart in Mirror, Mirror by Les Edgerton. When Elizabeth peers into a mirror she sees an identical image, except that the girl in the mirror has blue eyes while her own are brown. Eventually, Elizabeth discovers that her mirror counterpart is named “Liz” and that they can trade places through a process of “trans-starence.” Elizabeth is too afraid to try this, but when her curiosity prevails and she enters the mirrors she’s horrified to see Liz wreak havoc with what was her everyday life. 

Say Her Name

by Juno Dawson

Say Her Name by Juno Dawson

Say Her Name by Juno Dawson features, Blood Mary, one of the terrifying entities most associated with mirrors. In this version of the story Roberta “Bobbie” Rowe is drawn into a Halloween dare at her boarding school along with her best friend Naya and a boy named Caine. Their dare is to say the name Bloody Mary five times in front of a candlelit mirror, which will supposedly cause the legendary ghost to appear. Nothing appears to happen when they do so, but the next day Bobbie finds a cryptic message on her bathroom mirror. Although initially baffled by the “five days” written on the mirror, Bobbie and her friends soon realize that they did call Bloody Mary from the afterlife and that she is coming for them.

The Shadow Keepers

by Marisa Noelle

The Shadow Keepers by Marisa Noelle

The Shadow Keepers by Marisa Noelle is the story of sixteen-year-old Georgie Boone. She was forced to drop out of school and found herself on the brink of insanity because of the insidious monsters that she sees in mirrors. These monsters look like humanoid crows and have been staring at her with hungry red eyes from the mirrors where they live. However, nobody else can see them, so Georgie feels utterly alone and unable to prove their existence. George believes that it’s only a matter of time before the shadows in the mirrors kill her, but when she is sent to a prestigious mental health centre so is forced to face her fears. 


by Ken Greenhall

Elizabeth by Keen Greenhall

Elizabeth by Ken Greenhall sees the titular protagonist, fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Cuttner, trying out the folk tale of staring into a mirror to see the image of a person who lived at some other time. However, the image that Elizabeth sees is that of Frances, a long-dead witch who introduces her to the chilling world of the supernatural. Frances teaches Elizabeth what it is like to wield malevolent and seemingly invincible power, but her victims includes her own family members.

Diane Merrill Wigginton - Romantic, Suspenseful Page-Turner
FEATURED AUTHOR - Diane Merrill Wigginton was born in Riverside, California in 1963. Her family moved to San Diego near the end of 1970, where she grew up in the newly developed community of Mira Mesa. Spending portions of her summers each year in Burly, Idaho, with her mother's parents, Florence and Orval Merrill, Diane developed a love of animals and a respect for the land. It was during this time on the farm, where she learned to ride horses, herd cattle, and tame wild kittens that Diane developed a love of… Read more