Books of the Month June 2019

Books of the Month June 2019

June continued the trend of offering readers more great books to lose themselves in. No matter what your favorite genre is, this month had something for you to enjoy. Despite all the incredible books, some were just a little more popular than others, so check out our books of the month for June 2019 to see which ones get the best reception amongst readers.

Best Romance

Deja Vu 

by Michal Hartstein

Deja Vu by Michal Hartstein

If you enjoy romance novels with a unique twist, then Deja Vu is not to be missed. It opens with the protagonist, Rose, waking up in hospital two weeks after her 16th birthday. Rose doesn't know how she got there or what happened in her life before that point. However, she makes a full recovery and tries to live a normal life despite feeling like something had gone wrong somewhere. Rose never regains her memories, but at the age of 32 she wakes up in hospital again. Unbelievably, Rose is 16 years old again, but this time she remembers everything that happened in the intervening 16 years.

Best Action & Adventure

The Office

by Mike Faricy

The Office by Mike Faricy

The Office is part of the Dev Haskell - Private Investigator series and just as riveting as the previous book. In this book Dev gets stuck performing pro bono work for the police to perform surveillance on drug dealers. The "office" that they supply him with with for his surveillance is actually a port-a-potty, where Dev spends most of his nights. In the meantime, his girlfriend has her hands full with Dev's badly-behaved retriever that she is watching. If you enjoy action, adventure and plenty of laughs, then The Office as well as the other books in the series is a must.

Best Mystery & Thriller

Pineapple Port Mystery Series

by Amy Vansant

Pineapple Port Mystery Series by Amy Vansant

The Pineapple Port Mystery series box set, which contains the first three books, is packed with mysteries, thrills, and even some laughs. The books are set against a retirement community in Florida, but don't expect anything to be as laid back as you would expect. The protagonist is Charlotte, a young woman who grew up in the community. She also has a knack for getting caught up in some of the strangest mysteries you can imagine, often involving murders and serial killers.

Best Biography

British Social History (1950-2010)

by Ken Ross

British Social History (1950-2010) by Ken Ross

A lot can happen in the span of sixty years and this book by Ken Ross examines exactly what changed in Britain between 1950 and 2010. It's not just household items that have all but disappeared, but some habits have also fallen by the wayside. This is a fascinating book for people who have lived through this period in Britain or anyone with an interest in the things lost to memory.

Best Children's Book

A Hero's Cape

by Cory Q Tan

A Hero's Cape by Cory Q Tan

Children will delight in the adventures of a young boy who discovers a Flying Cape while reading in the park. Unfortunately, he loses the Cape almost immediately and has to venture out into the neighborhood to try and find it again. During his quest, the boy encounters everyone from a father and a baby to a girl walking her dog. It is through these encounters that the boy also learns some valuable life lessons that all children can appreciate.

Best Young Adult

A Drop of Blue

by Isa Briarwood

A Drop of Blue by Isa Briarwood

A Drop of Blue is the first book in the "Rifters" series and winner of numerous young adult fiction awards. It stars Cate McAuliffe, a 16-year old who ends up in "The Village" which is a way station for accidental time travelers. There she meets a 19-year old boy from Ireland, named Angus Denann. The two are quickly drawn to each other and realize that they have a purpose to help the other people stuck in The Village to return to their own time. However, the stern oversee of The Village has other plans for them.

Best Fantasy

The Saint's Rise

by Michael John Grist

The Saint's Rise by Michael John Grist

The Saint's Rise is the first book in the Ignifer Cycle and delivers an epic fantasy adventure that will enthrall all fans of the genre. The protagonist is a brilliant assassin who bears the scars of being the only survivor left in the library city of Aradabar after it was ravaged by the Rot. However, he not only has the return of the Rot to worry about, but also a brutal king and other foes.

Best Historical Fiction

The Executioner From The Silent Valley

by I. V. Olokita

The Executioner From The Silent Valley by I. V. Olokita

The Execution From The Silent Valley is the story of Klaus Holland, an old Nazi criminal who forced the Jews at his concentration camp to write their own memoirs. However, after Klaus escaped to Brazil, he is caught and prosecuted. As part of his punishment, he is ordered to do the same thing as he instructed the Jews to do, write his own memoir. It is through this punishment that Klaus not only remembers, but re-lives the cruelty that he used to inflict.

Best Horror

Death at the Seaside

by F. R. Jameson

Death at the Seaside by F. R. Jameson

Death at the Seaside is the first book in the Ghostly Shadows horror anthology series. In this novella, readers follow Larry Castle and his mistress as they go on holiday to the seaside. However, instead of basking in the sun and getting up to no good, Larry finds that he has to confront some ghosts of his past. Since this is a horror title, some of these ghosts are more real than others too.

Best Literary Fiction

Two Sides of Me

by Nora Sarel

Two Sides of Me by Nora Sarel

Two Sides of Me is the riveting story of a man named Gadi who travels to Brazil to discover his roots. Gadi was adopted and the only link that he has to his biological mother is an adoption diary that was written by his father and a picture of a young girl. Armed with these and his own determination, Gadi retraces the steps of his own adoption journey to find out more about the mysterious girl who birthed him, but couldn't raise him.

Best Science Fiction

Bad Luck Charlie

by Scott Baron

Bad Luck Charlie

Bad Luck Charlie is the story of Charlie Gault, a man with all of the luck, but none of it that is the good kind. His streak of bad luck begins with Charlie crashing the multi-billion dollar ship he had helped design on an unknown planet after it is unexpectedly swallowed by a freak wormhole. This is bad enough already, but then Charlie also has to deal with alien space pirates, talking dragons and even some magic. Bad Luck Charlie is the first title in The Dragon Mage book series, and readers will want to continue following the adventures of Charlie in the rest of the novels to see if his luck ever improves.

Best Non-Fiction


by Isaac Bentwich M.D.

Gita by Isaac Bentwich M. D.

The Gita has long been recognized as one of the most trusted and timeless guides for happiness, meditation, transformation and more. Fans of this text include everyone from Beethoven and Jung to Gandhi, but its messages are still relevant today. This version by Isaac Bentwich M.D. provides readers with a new poetic translation, that for the first time ever recreates the melodiousness of the original text. In addition, it is the first ever translation that speaks directly to men and women alike.

Best Paranormal

A Witch's Revenge

by Gerfe Red

A Witch's Revenge by Gerfe Red

Fans of the paranormal, witches, murder and mayhem will be delighted with A Witch's Revenge. It is about a 17th century witch, named Marjorie, who was trapped by her evil step-mother and step-sister in a box under an oak tree. Both of them were witches like herself and after escaping from confinement, Marjorie has revenge on her mind. Unfortunately for Jim Taylor, a young architect, Marjorie shows up in his front yard, throwing his life in disarray.