Editorial Review: Dark Rituals by K.J. Devoir

Editorial Review: Dark Rituals by K.J. Devoir

Bryn still has dreams, even if she had to ship them from UCLA to Las Vegas to save her own life. Case isn’t allowed dreams, he only has his pre-law coursework and a desk waiting for him at the family firm. These two were never destined to meet and yet, when he is sent to find her and bring her back to LA, it feels just a little bit like fate.

Why does a promising scholarship student flee UCLA in favor of dancing at a Las Vegas nightclub to pay the bills? Why would a legacy frat boy and future legal superstar care about finding her?

Bryn's escape to Las Vegas was a desperate bid to elude a life-threatening secret. At least her life in Vagas lets her use her ballet skills for a living – even if that living is at a burlesque club where she occasionally has to put customers in their place.

Case is a pre-law student on the precipice of the rest of his life – but the fraternity initiation stands in his way. The thing is, he doesn’t even want to pass, but no one says no to Case Channing’s father. Begrudgingly, he undertakes the strange quest to locate Bryn using all the considerable resources at his fingertips.

Though his initial approach is a failure thanks to his own painful and traumatic memories, he manages to get onto Bryn’s good side. He even convinces her to accompany him back to LA on his private jet - but the moment she sets foot back in California he starts to suspect that this is all about something far darker than a frat hazing.

Through alternating first-person perspectives, the reader is intimately connected with both Bryn and Case's inner turmoil, past, and desires. 'Dark Rituals’ is an all-in introduction to the world of Case and Bryn, and their tale of suspense and seduction, trust and betrayal, expectations and exceeding them. Both our main characters are broken in their own unique ways but maybe, just maybe, they could be each other’s sliver of light at the end of the tunnel.

A twisty and unpredictable journey, 'Dark Rituals' will draw in dark romance enthusiasts who love a character-driven narrative with mafia and goth overtones. This is a tale where suspense and passion intertwine and entice with every page turn.

K.J. Devoir weaves entertaining characters through an atmosphere of relentless suspense; action and entertainment driving the reader through to the last page.