Editorial Review: LOST in Space by Dmitry Raspopov

Editorial Review: LOST in Space by Dmitry Raspopov

In this LitRPG Space Opera Adventure, a pro gamer gets hooked on a brand new title that appears to be too good to be true. As he is drawn deeper into the complexities of the game he begins to suspect that there is more at stake than any of the other players realize.

The author obviously knows a thing or two about gaming as LOSt in Space paints quite a vivid description of this popular pass-time taken to the extreme. The protagonist is Viktor "LOSt" Maksimov, who at the start of the novel finds himself kicked out of his professional team. To make matters worse his girlfriend who lives with him is still part of the team and the reason for his dismissal is due to management bringing in another star player. Viktor has dedicated all of his time to the popular computer game "Star Sky" and after losing his team he also loses all the in-game gear that he spent years accumulating. This is something that any gamer who has spent a lot of time and money on online games will be able to empathize with. Viktor is left with is personal and professional life in turmoil, but then a new game appears on the scene. It's better than anything that has ever been released before it and Viktor realizes that he could actually make a living from playing. Once again, Viktor ends up sacrificing almost everything to climb the ranks in the game, but he soon discovers that there is much more to it than he ever thought.

Lost In Space is a great book, especially if you are a gamer, but even normal science fiction fans will get a kick out of it. Some of the twists are a little obvious (and even mentioned in the overview for the book), but there are also a couple of elements that will catch most readers by surprise. The way in which Viktor calculates his every move in the game to make the most of his time and money is brilliantly described and it is easy to get caught up in the story. A lot of time is spent describing how Viktor upgrades his ship and skills in the game as well as the missions that he undertakes for money and experience. Although a lot of the story takes place inside the virtual world of the game, there are also parts dedicated to what is happening in the real world. Viktor's relationship with his girlfriend and ex-team members are obviously very strained, but other complications are also introduced throughout the story that makes for interesting drama.

Overall, LOST in Space is a compelling novel and, if you are a gamer, the protagonist is relatable. The only criticism is that the whole book feels like a build-up to something big, but the final act doesn’t quite deliver in this regard. It will be interesting to see in what direction the author takes a follow-up novel based on the rather unexpected and abrupt ending.

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