Editorial Review: No Pit So Deep by James Nathaniel Miller II

Editorial Review: No Pit So Deep by James Nathaniel Miller II

Combining the genres of action and romance is not an easy feat, yet debut author James Miller has marvelously succeeded at this in his gripping, humorous, and meaningful novel No Pit So Deep.

The story centers on Cody Musket, an MLB rookie with a big heart but a dark past that has left him wounded physically and emotionally. As a veteran Marine suffering from PTSD, he had hoped to leave violence behind him in Afghanistan, but fate wouldn’t have it. One night, he is confronted with a situation that requires him to use his combat skills—rescuing a young journalist from abductors desperate to silence her war on human trafficking. But this young woman, Brandi Barnes, becomes Cody’s saving grace. As the two grow closer, Cody begins to experience the healing that comes from sharing the traumatic events he experienced as a soldier. Meanwhile, he tries to keep Brandi and her 3-year-old daughter Knoxi safe from the group of people who are intent on ending Brandi’s life.

Miller’s writing is tremendous. The scenes he composes are clear and vivid, providing readers with sharp images of the setting and rich emotional experiences. Some parts of the book will have you laughing out loud, while others will have you reaching for the tissue box. The characters are authentic and multifaceted, and Cody’s story and emotional turmoil illuminates a problem that is undeniably a part of many veterans’ lives. As for the plot, it’s always moving forward, whether it’s the action intensifying or the romance developing. Readers are placed alongside Brandi, fascinated by Cody and always curious to know more about him. And indeed, as Cody gradually opens up to Brandi, readers are right there with them—reliving Cody’s traumatic experiences in Afghanistan and feeling the weight of his emotions that were bottled up for so long.

There’s a Christian aspect to this book that can’t be ignored. Thankfully it’s neither preachy nor self-righteous, which makes it so the book can easily be read and enjoyed by non-Christians as well. But those of faith will surely appreciate the message of hope that is rooted in God. Also, the book supports and adheres to Christian values. With no sexually explicit scenes or profanity, and characters that value family and practice abstinence before marriage, this book is a breath of fresh air for Christian readers. There are graphic scenes that portray violence (and may not be suitable for children), but the violence is never glorified. Miller has struck a delicate balance, setting his book apart from others—it is more action-packed and thrilling than many other Christian novels, and it is also more “family-friendly” than many other action and romance novels.

No Pit So Deep: Book One is the first in a series of four. And indeed, with the way the book ends, it’s clear that the story is just getting started. This enthralling novel is such a delight to read that once you get to the end of it, you’ll be glad there are three more waiting for you!