Editorial Review: When You Read This I’ll Be Gone by Anne Moose

Editorial Review: When You Read This I’ll Be Gone by Anne Moose

Valerie Hawthorne, a university lecturer and writer, finds herself at a crossroads after discovering her husband's betrayal - something that will permanently change her world. A heart-pounding butterfly-effect-style series of events ensues in this riveting psychological thriller by Anne Moose.

After finding proof of her husband’s infidelity after all these years and tired of his alcoholic rages, Valerie seeks solace in her work and jumps at the chance to deliver a talk at a secluded conference. The charming and handsome stranger who seems to find her fascinating doesn’t hurt either – until he does. Justifying her actions every step of the way, Valerie convinces herself to give in to just one night of temptation. She spends the evening with this attractive man but wakes to find her world shattered.

When Tom’s daughter is caught up in an all too common story on college campuses he is driven to get the justice he believes was denied to them by the local police – but is Valerie really to blame? In a nightmarish series of events, Valerie comes to be the focus of his rage. His calculated manipulation and intrusion into Valerie's life, his unpredictable moods, and his unending desire for what he sees as justice propels the story into a heart-pounding nightmare.

Photographs of her naked body sent from her email account to her entire address book, an enraged husband, children confused and embarrassed – Valerie is distraught and thinks that things can’t possibly get worse right up until the moment when they do. When a grieving father is determined to have his vengeance, things can always get worse.

Anne Moose’s writing is engaging, drawing the reader into the survival mindset of Valerie as she’s snatched up and kept against her will in the wilderness. Valerie grows into a resilient and complex character as the reader gets to know her while she grapples with the fallout of betrayal and the complicated matter of staying alive in the hands of a man blinded by revenge. Moose delivers on the deep dive into Valerie's psyche - her fear, determination, and vulnerability are unnerving at times but ultimately pay off at the conclusion of her story.

"When You Read This I'll Be Gone" by Anne Moose is a riveting, dark psychological thriller set against picturesque landscapes turned terrifying in their isolation and unforgiving nature.