Free eBooks For Younger Readers Featuring Mice

Free eBooks For Younger Readers Featuring Mice

There are numerous books aimed at younger readers today that features anthropomorphic animals, but this is not a new trend. Stories that make use of animal characters date back hundreds of years and many of them are still as appealing to children today as they were back when they were first released. The use of animal characters in these types of books means that children from all cultures can enjoy the stories without feeling excluded. These books remain popular not only because children love animals, but also because using animals makes it easier to explain complex feelings or situations to children. While there have been various types of animals used in these books over the years, the simple mouse has made some of the most appearances. Here are just a few examples of free ebooks for younger readers that feature mice as characters.

Whitefoot the Wood Mouse by Thornton W. Burgess

Thornton Waldo Burgess loved nature and all of its creatures, which is clear to see from his children's stories. Whitefoot the Wood Mouse, which was published in 1922, is the tale of a little mouse in search of a safe spot to hunker down for winter. He eventually discovers Farmer Brown's barn, which appears to be ideal, but also ends up in a dangerous situation. Burgess had a knack for creating stories that appealed to children and Whitefoot the Wood Mouse is no exception. Fans of this book should also check out The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse by the same author (

The Graymouse Family by Nellie M . Leonard

The Graymouse Family by Nellie M. Leonard is the sweet tale of a family of mice that live together in harmony. They made their home in a cozy attic, where Mother Graymouse looked over Silver Ears, Baby Squaler, Buster, Limpy-toes and the rest of her family. This book, which was published in 1916, shares a lot of similarities with the books by Beatrix Potter, and features plenty of tales to enthrall young readers.

The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse by Beatrix Potter

It is impossible to list children's books featuring animals without mentioning Beatrix Potter, one of the most prolific authors in this genre. The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse, which was published in 1918, is her take on the Aesop fable about the town mouse and the country mouse.

Perez the Mouse by Luis Coloma

Perez the Mouse is the charming tale of a six your old king, named Bubi, who loses his first tooth. However, instead of leaving it under his pillow for Perez the Mouse, the young king decides to stay up and talk to Perez himself. In the end, Bubi manages to talk Perez into taking him along for an adventure where he learns a couple of very valuable lessons.

The Tale of Dickie Deer Mouse by Arthur Scott Bailey

Arthur Scott Bailey is another author who made quite a name for himself by writing captivating children's books. In addition to writing humorous stories that young readers enjoyed, Bailey also managed to weave some natural history into these tales without making them boring. This book is the tale of Dickie Deer Mouse, a tastefully dressed and gentle mouse who begins his search for a pleasant place to spend the summer, which leads to all kinds of adventures.