Are there any good romance authors out there who are male?
Posted on 17th of August, 2019


Although he isn't "out there" anymore due to the fact that he passed away in 2011 from diabetes, I still consider Lain Blair to be one of the all time greats. He wrote under the pen name of Emma Blair for many years and produced some really fine romantic novels. I still remember the shock of finding out that Emma is actually Lain back in 1998 because of his novel, Flower of Scotland. It actually received a nomination for "Romantic Novel of the Year" which prompted him to reveal his true identity.

If you have read romance novels like The Red Shawl, Story Bay, The Restless Spirit, Portrait of Charlotte, The Long Way Home, The Restless Heart, Secrets of the Sea, Reach for Tomorrow, Dangerous Shores, Stay With Me, Secrets of a Whitby Girl and many, many others, then you will know that they were written by Jessica Blair. What you may or may not know is that Jessica Blair was actually William John Duncan Spence, or "Bill" to his friends. Spence didn't just have an impressive resume of historical romances under his belt, but he also wrote war novels and Westerns, all under different pseudonyms. His romances were by far the most successful, though. Not bad for a World War II veteran!
Men who misrepresent their gender for commercial gain is despicable in my honest opinion. Just like we should not tolerate cultural appropriation, why must we tolerate men who are purposefully misleading their readers who are thinking that they are supporting a woman? It is a very slippery slope and I think a lot of male authors have stepped far over the line of what is right and wrong. I mean, where does it end? If it is acceptable for a man to pretend he is a woman when writing, why not misrepresent his ethnicity or heritage as well to exploit these for commercial gain. Historically, women has had to use pseudonyms just to get their work published or for readers to take them seriously, so I think that the men doing that now is making a mockery of the sacrifices and hard work women had to put in. Support real female authors and not the men trying to appropriate our gender for their own gain.

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