How do you go about self-publishing a book?
Posted on 11th of December, 2019


Up until a few years ago getting your manuscript published was an uphill task. First, you would have to be lucky enough to land an agent who would then try and get you a decent deal with a reputable publishing house. However, that is no longer the case. In fact, indie authors are increasingly choosing to self-publish over traditional publishing.

So, if you are also contemplating self-publishing here’s a quick guide on how to navigate the self-publish process

Get a qualified editor

With a traditional publishing house, you have access to an in-house editor who can help make changes to your manuscript. But, when you decide to self-publish, you need to hire a professional editor on your own. Remember that a good editor can make a world of a difference in the success of your book. So, take as much time you need during this stage and look for experienced and vetted book editors, based on your budget.

Design a book cover that sells

Book cover creates the first impression on your potential readers. This means the design of the book cover plays a fundamental role in getting your book into the hands of the readers. It is an important marketing tool, so make sure you hire a professional book cover designer if you wish to hook your readers.

Format your manuscript properly

There are plenty of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) free resources and forums where you find easy-to-follow formatting instructions. However, formatting in itself is a tedious task, plus it is different for fiction and nonfiction books. If you do not get it right, you may run into issues while publishing your book.

Upload your work

In the final stage, create an account with KDP and upload your work.

You can go through these processes on your own. But if you find that to be a tall order, you can choose to work with a self-publishing company like BUUKS. We can help you publish your book in a simple step-by-step process. Talk to us to find out how.

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