What Are Some Good Books From A Different Cultural Perspective?
Posted on 9th of December, 2018


A "different cultural perspective" is obviously going to depend on where you are from, but since I am from the United States, I found Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt to be a fascinating book. It is a memoir by the author, so don't go expecting a novel, but honestly I laughed and cried just as much reading this book as I did with some of the best fictional stories. It is about the author's family who move to America from Ireland and have to deal with poverty as well as various social issues. They end up having to move back to Ireland after a few years, which results in the children being bullied due to their American accents. The family have to deal with a LOT of personal tragedies, including multiple deaths of children, and these parts of the story affected me the most. They also experienced poverty on a level that many of us today couldn't even begin to imagine. There is some humor in the book two and it is very uplifting to see what the author made of himself after having to deal with such harsh conditions, so don't let the depressing tone at the start put you off from finishing the story.
It looks like you are in search of books with cultural diversity, which is not only a good thing, but also something that you are bound to find more of these days, which is also a good thing! One of my all time favorites is The Kite Runner (2003) by Khaled Hosseini. Husseini is an Afghan-American and he uses a backdrop to his story that will be familiar to anyone who were glued to their televisions during the crisis in Afghanistan. The protagonist of this novel is a young boy named Amir and the title is based on the fact that the flying of kites was actually banned in Afghanistan by the Taliban. Although the story is fictional, it features a lot of things that really happened, which makes it a very gripping book. If you enjoy The Kite Runner, then you really should also read A Thousand Splendid Suns as well as And The Mountains Echoed from the same author. They all explore themes that we can relate to, such as family, but wrapped in a cultural diverse blank that is extremely refreshing if all you are used to reading are typical American authors.

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