What is the biggest plot hole that you've ever Discovered in a book?
Posted on 28th of October, 2019


Other readers may have more detailed and specific answers, but for me I've personally kind of given up on reading any books about time travel because of the plot holes. I really can't think of any book that features any type of time traveling that doesn't rely on all kinds of convoluted explanations to get away with them. Even some of the most popular books of our time, like the Harry Potter series, tried to include a time travel gimmick and honestly just ended up being worse for it.

Oh and another "plot device" that really ruins books for me is when characters impersonate other characters and somehow get away with it without anyone noticing that they are imposters. This is probably also the reason why I was never a fan of the Mission Impossible movies, but there really is no excuse for authors to resort to this type of lazy gimmick to cover plot holes.

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